In Congress


MPP is leading the effort in Washington, D.C. to pass federal medical marijuana legislation, as well as to replace marijuana prohibition with a system of sensible regulation and control. For more information on our past and present work, visit our Federal Policy page and take action to support our work.


In Your State


MPP also works for sensible marijuana policies at the state level, and our grassroots and lobbying campaigns have changed several laws. MPP provided the bulk of the funding, staff, and expertise to the 2012 Colorado initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults 21 and older and the 2014 legalization and regulation campaign in Alaska. Along with our allies, we aim to pass at least 12 more laws to regulate marijuana like alcohol by 2019.

MPP changes state laws through legislatures and through ballot initiatives. Legislatively, MPP and our allies are focusing on DelawareHawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. MPP is also lobbying for medical marijuana-related bills in state legislatures in LouisianaTexas, and West Virginia and for decriminalization in Illinois, New Hampshire, and Texas.

On the ballot initiatives front, MPP is managing and supporting campaigns for marijuana legalization and regulation initiatives in 2016 in Arizona, California, MaineMassachusetts, and Nevada.

In addition, MPP monitors and analyzes all marijuana-related bills in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Visit our State Policy page to choose your state, to learn about current marijuana-related legislation in your state, or to contact your state legislators. Also, we invite you to review MPP’s state-by-state guide to medical marijuana laws and MPP’s model state legislation.