Our Mission

To end the prohibition of cannabis.

(as approved by the MPP Board December 2019)

Our Values

We change laws and lives for the better. We activate people and mobilize resources to create lasting policy solutions that improve the quality of life for patients and their families, empower individuals with personal choice, combat injustices, and promote equity.

Strategic Focus

Cannabis policy is a dynamic environment affecting the lives of millions. MPP’s strategy to end cannabis prohibition centers on three key areas of focus:  

1. The States: MPP currently focuses most of its resources on change at the state level. State laws transform the lives of millions, create enormous business potential, and produce pro-cannabis constituents for members of Congress.

The cannabis legalization movement gains more constituents, supporters, and elected officials in Congress through the work we do in the states each day. Because so many people support medical and adult-use cannabis programs in their own states, the national conversation around cannabis has been completely transformed. As with the end of alcohol prohibition, we believe the end of cannabis prohibition is being driven by states that reject the federal position.

MPP continues to focus on state laws, particularly where we can pass comprehensive, inclusive cannabis policy reform. Not only is it the most effective way to pressure Congress, but it also establishes a strong foundation of support when the time is right for MPP to lead the effort on Capitol Hill to end cannabis prohibition.

2. The Federal Level: Our organization’s work began on Capitol Hill with a direct lobbying campaign over two decades ago. MPP continues to engage in the federal conversation and make our voice heard among federal lawmakers and agencies.

While we believe that pressure comes primarily from the states, we recognize the importance of maintaining a lobbying presence in Washington to advance critical incremental reforms, using a “building block” approach when workable solutions are available.

3. Social Justice: With so much harm inflicted on society — particularly communities of color — by the war on cannabis, legalization must extend beyond pure commercial interests. MPP continues to serve as a powerful voice for civil liberty, equality, and justice.

On both the state and federal levels, MPP seeks to maximize criminal justice reform through changing cannabis laws, including the removal of punitive criminal cannabis laws that can be used as a tool of oppression, and supporting automatic expungements and sentence reductions.