The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the U.S., works to end marijuana prohibition in the U.S. by taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. Founded in 1995, MPP has approximately 20+ full-time employees and more than 200,000 members and supporters.

Want to work for MPP?

All positions are based in Washington, D.C., unless otherwise stated. Be sure to see our application process page for more information if you’re interested in applying for a position.

– MPP always accepts applications for unpaid internships, which can be worth college credit. Non-students are welcome to apply.

– MPP is also seeking people to do hourly temp work (mostly envelope stuffing).

Get MPP job alerts

To be emailed about future MPP job openings, please send an email to employment-request@mppextlists.org with the subject “subscribe” (no quotes).

What is it like to work for MPP?

Saying we’re fast-paced would be putting it lightly. We’re passionate about being productive and effective. Doing what we do, and doing it the way we do it, is not easy, so we tend to be very selective about the people we hire. Our staff is composed of smart, driven, detail-oriented, thoughtful people. Being willing to work hard is a requirement.

Ultimately, we’re all about performance and getting things done. The late philanthropist Peter Lewis (chairman of Progressive Corp.) called MPP “among the best-managed of philanthropic organizations I support.” Please check out some of our accomplishments here.