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Why membership?

The Marijuana Policy Project has been a membership-based organization since our inception in 1995, recognizing that it takes the support of ordinary people across the country coming together to bring transformative change to our nation’s marijuana policies. We believe in the power of membership to:

  • Unify committed individuals in a common cause;
  • Build a strong community dedicated to MPP’s nationwide vision for reform; and
  • Foster a diverse network of supporters who can share ideas and help us navigate an ever-evolving policy landscape.

Throughout the year, MPP offers our members a variety of benefits that include access to expert analysis, discounts on merchandise, and opportunities to participate in exclusive events and take actions that advance MPP’s mission. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our members, and becoming an MPP member is the best way to support our work on both the state and federal levels.


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$100/month or
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* MPP reserves the right to adjust the benefits offered by MPP membership at any time.
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Increase your impact: Monthly sustaining membership

Marijuana Policy Project Membership

Monthly giving provides MPP with a steady revenue source that allows the organization to make the long-term commitments and investments that are necessary to end marijuana prohibition nationwide. This sustainable funding means that MPP can make more prudent budgetary decisions – while laying the groundwork for winning ballot initiative campaigns and changing laws.


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Together, we are changing laws

MPP remains the single most effective national marijuana policy reform organization, responsible for most of the tangible policy changes achieved over the past decade. Thanks to the support of our members, medical marijuana patients are getting access to the medicine they need, penalties for possession are being reduced and removed, and the legal cannabis industry is replacing the illicit market in a growing number of states. To our members and members-to-be, thank you for being a part of the movement that is changing laws and changing lives across the country.

To set up your one-time or recurring monthly gift to MPP, please visit our 
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Please send mail-in donations to:

Marijuana Policy Project
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