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Oct 22, 2018

Gallup Finds Record-High 66% Support Marijuana Legalization in U.S.

A new Gallup poll shows support for making marijuana legal in the U.S. has reached a record high of 66 percent, up from 64 percent last year. Only 32 percent are opposed.

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Oct 15, 2018

Canada Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect October 17; Statement From MPP

Marijuana will officially become legal for adults in Canada on Wednesday, October 17, with regulated adult sales set to begin in several provinces around the country.

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Oct 09, 2018

Marijuana Policy Project Adds Three New Members to Board of Directors

The nation’s largest marijuana policy organization, the Marijuana Policy Project, announced the election of three new members to serve on its board of directors.

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Oct 08, 2018

National Pew Survey Finds Growing Support for Marijuana Legalization in U.S.

Survey results released by the Pew Research Center show a growing majority of Americans support ending marijuana prohibition.

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"The sole tangible way in which pot is a gateway to other illegal drugs is that it is illegal. The best way to end this easy path to worse narcotics is to legalize it and take it out of the hands of criminals and gangs."