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NIDArelease Feb 28, 2019

Bill to Regulate and Tax Marijuana for Adult Use in Vermont Passes in Senate With Veto-proof Majority

A bill to regulate and tax marijuana for adult use in Vermont passed on second reading in the state Senate with a veto-proof majority (23-5).

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NIDArelease Feb 27, 2019

Bill to End Marijuana Prohibition in New Hampshire Passes in House With Strong Majority

A bill to end marijuana prohibition and regulate cannabis for adult use in New Hampshire passed in the state House of Representatives with a strong majority (209-147).

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NIDArelease Feb 21, 2019

New Hampshire House Committee Approves Bill to End Marijuana Prohibition

The House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee recommended passage of legislation that would end marijuana prohibition in New Hampshire and regulate cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older.

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NIDArelease Feb 06, 2019

Maryland Lawmakers Introducing Legislation to End Cannabis Prohibition in Maryland

State lawmakers in both chambers filed legislation Wednesday that would end cannabis prohibition in Maryland.

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The sole tangible way in which pot is a gateway to other illegal drugs is that it is illegal. The best way to end this easy path to worse narcotics is to legalize it and take it out of the hands of criminals and gangs.
Author Andrew Sullivan, The New Republic, May 28, 2001