As clergy, we are committed to improving the lives of those around us through healing, mercy, and compassion. Therefore, we cannot remain silent while members of our community struggling with debilitating medical conditions are deprived of an effective treatment option. We strongly urge you to adopt a well-regulated medical cannabis program this year.

In addition to providing significant medical benefits to patients suffering from a wide range of serious illnesses, medical cannabis offers many patients a safer alternative to prescription medications, such as narcotic pain relievers. We object to patients being treated like criminals for seeking to alleviate their suffering, and we believe those who could benefit from medical cannabis should have safe, legal, and reliable access to it, especially if it is recommended by their physicians.

A growing chorus of South Carolina voices is speaking out in support of establishing a well-regulated medical cannabis program. We proudly stand with them, and we hope you will join us all in standing up for our friends, family, and loved ones who need help.