New Hampshire’s bill to legalize cannabis possession and cultivation for adults 21 and older, HB 1648, passed the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in a 13-7 vote on January 28. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill on February 19 or 20.

Here are six ways you can help:

(1) Email your state legislators and urge them to support HB 1648.

(2) Learn everything you can about HB 1648 and relevant issues. Knowledge is power. A summary of the bill is available here, and talking points are available here. To stay informed about the bill’s progress, sign up to receive email updates.

(3) Look up your representatives’ phone numbers here and give them a call to ask for their support on the bill. Please be respectful and remember that we are trying to persuade legislators, not alienate them. Most state reps have their home phone or mobile phone numbers listed and are more than willing to speak with their constituents. While you’re at it, why not give your state senator a call as well?

(4) Call Gov. Chris Sununu’s office at 603-271-2121 and urge him to stop obstructing the will of the people on cannabis legalization! It only takes a minute, and the governor’s staff members are usually very polite.

(5) Donate to support our ad campaign! Two-thirds of Granite Staters support legalization, but most probably won’t know that a bill is advancing in the legislature unless we tell them about it!

(6) Share this action page with your friends! Many representatives are still undecided, and a few thoughtful emails and calls from their constituents are often all it takes to earn a legislator’s vote.