Lawmakers extend regulatory board oversight


Last update: May 29, 2018



Lawmakers wrapped up the second of their two-year session in April. Several cannabis-related bills were introduced this year for consideration, with two passing before the end of the session.

HJR 21 is a resolution that asks the federal government to respect the authority of the state to regulate marijuana use, production, and distribution of cannabis in Alaska. Another bill,HB 273, will keep the Marijuana Control Board operational until June 2024, rather than ending in June 2018 as originally established. A bill which would have sealed the records of those previously convicted of simple marijuana-related offenses,HB 316, did not pass before time ran out. The bill would have helped clear the way for those who might face limitations when seeking employment, housing, or educational opportunities.

Late last year, Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board postponed a decision on proposed rules that would allow cannabis cafés to begin operating. While there was strong support, a backlog of pending applications forced a delay in the discussion and the matter is ongoing. We hope that rules that allow adults a lawful place to consume cannabis can be put in place to minimize further delay.

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