Regulated on-site consumption locations now one step closer to reality


Last update: November 5, 2018



Like sister states that also legalized the use of cannabis for adults 21 and over, Alaska bans marijuana consumption in public. Unfortunately, the term “public” has been read very broadly in Alaska, effectively banning cannabis use outside a private residence. This is a significant problem for the large number of tourists visiting the state. And many Alaskans object to the fact that the more dangerous substance, alcohol, is commonly available at bars and restaurants, while cannabis consumers are told to stay home.

The regulatory board overseeing the cannabis program has long sought guidance from lawmakers, and it came from a surprising source this year – with the adoption of Alaska’s new anti-smoking law. While the law bans smoking tobacco, e-cigs, and cannabis use indoors, it makes an important exception for locations that are licensed for on-site consumption.

This clear guidance means regulators are more likely to move forward with long-discussed regulations for cannabis cafés. Many hope regulators can implement new rules soon. The Marijuana Control Board is currently considering a proposed set of rules. 

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