Lawmakers seek better protections for regulatory program


Last update: February 14, 2018


Lawmakers reconvened in Juneau on January 16 for the second year of their two-year session, and several cannabis-related bills have been introduced. For the most part, these are positive and designed to improve the program or offer better protections for individuals.

HB 316 would seal the records of those with criminal marijuana convictions in their criminal histories, if the “offense” would have been legal under the regulatory program. This can help clear the way for those who might be limited when seeking employment, housing, or educational opportunities. HJR 21 would ask the federal government to respect the authority of the state to regulate marijuana use, production, and distribution of cannabis in Alaska. A third bill, HB 273, would keep the Marijuana Control Board operational past its current sunset of June 30 of this year.

Late last year, the Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board postponed a decision on proposed rules that would allow cannabis cafés to begin operating. While there was strong support, a backlog of pending applications forced a delay in the discussion until spring. We hope that rules that allow adults a lawful place to consume cannabis can be put in place before tourist season begins this year.

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