Prohibitionist measures rejected in local elections, cannabis café decision in November


Last update: October 4, 2017


Three measures that would have shut down all cannabis-related businesses and cut off legal, regulated access for adults were soundly defeated in local elections on October 3. Voters in the city of Fairbanks, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough each rejected the proposed bans by wide margins.

Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board is expected to vote in November on proposed rules that would allow cannabis cafés to begin operating. Supporters are invited to submit comments to the board by October 27. For more information, please see the state’s public notice, available online here. While comments are not due until late October, we strongly encourage you to submit them early so that board members have time to review and consider submissions.

Cannabis café’ rules are overdue. The status quo is unworkable for the state’s tourists, and adult residents should not be relegated to private homes when alcohol consumers can choose from a variety of bars and restaurants. It is also important to ensure renters — whose leases may prohibit cannabis consumption — are not shut out of the freedoms Alaskan homeowners enjoy.

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