Rule making process nearly done; Marijuana Control Board votes to allow marijuana cafés


Last update: November 24, 2015


In a dramatic final series of votes on Friday, November 20, the Marijuana Control Board (MCB) settled on its final set of recommendations for the rules governing the emerging adult retail marijuana market in Alaska. Of critical importance, the board amended language that would have prevented retail marijuana locations from allowing adults to consume onsite. Under the revised rules, marijuana cafés could be licensed and allowed to operate unless prohibited by local communities.

Several other key changes were made, including the removal of the express ban on so-called “social use clubs” (which the board still says are unlawful), the cap on THC levels in concentrates, and a controversial amendment to the residency requirement that would allow outside investors to help fund marijuana businesses. Thanks so much to everyone who raised their voices in support of more sensible regulations. Detailed analysis of many of the key votes is covered here.

Beginning in 2016, marijuana will be cultivated, tested, and sold by licensed, taxpaying businesses that require proof of age instead of criminal enterprises in the underground market. For more information about Measure 2, check out this FAQ from the Alaska Department of Commerce. And you read a summary of the law here

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