Lt. Governor makes Marijuana Control Board rules official


Last update: February 1, 2016


On January 22, Lt. Governor Byron Mallott signed the Marijuana Control Board’s proposed rules, giving the green light for the board to start the process of accepting applications in the near future.

Nearly all the rules were accepted, but there are some troubling challenges ahead. As a result of changes to the rules from the Law Department, marijuana businesses that do not have access to the road system will not have any easy options for testing marijuana and marijuana products. Also, the FBI provided notice that it cannot perform background checks — as the rules had envisioned — unless the legislature passes a law requesting it do so. We hope the legislature can find solutions to these problems during the 2016 session, now underway.

The good news is that the state program will continue to roll out on time, and with the legislature in session, solutions are within reach. The Marijuana Control Board is scheduled to begin accepting license applications on February 24, and businesses could start receiving approvals as early as May 24. For more information about Measure 2, check out this FAQ from the Alaska Department of Commerce. And you can read a summary of the law here.

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