Legislature now in special session as lawmakers consider budget


Last update: May 15, 2017


Washington’s adult-use marijuana program is widely considered a success in Washington, and the program enjoys support among both voters and lawmakers. Each year, a dizzying number of bills are introduced to fine-tune the program, and 2017 was no exception.

This year, two noteworthy bills passed, including Senate Bill 5131, which changes rules for producers and retailers and limits some forms of advertising. House Bill 1250 also emerged, enabling retailers to provide customers a free lockable storage box for their marijuana products in order to limit access by children.

Unlike other states that have legalized marijuana for adults, Washington does not allow responsible adults to grow their own marijuana. Unfortunately, Rep. Sherry Appleton’s HB 1092, which would have allowed individuals to grow marijuana at home, did not advance. While lawmakers are still technically in session, attention is focused on disagreements over the state budget, and marijuana-related bills are not expected to move further this year.

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