Washington lawmakers back in session


Last update: January 18, 2017


Washington’s 2017 legislative session began January 9, and if last year is any indication, lawmakers will have plenty of marijuana-related bills to consider again this year. Washington lawmakers and regulators have been in a multi-year effort to merge both medical and non-medical cannabis business regulations. While many changes have been made, that process could continue into 2017 with further legislation as state regulations are further refined.

Unlike other states that have legalized marijuana for adults, Washington does not allow responsible adults to grow their own marijuana. Fortunately, Rep. Sherry Appleton has introduced HB 1092 this year, which would allow individuals to grow marijuana at home. Please click here to support the addition of this important right for adults.

Reps. Brian Blake and Jim Walsh have filed a bill that would make it easier for students to have access to medical marijuana while at school. You can check out this sensible bill here. We may also see proposals that would set marijuana policy back, so we must remain vigilant as the legislative session is now underway!

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