Medical marijuana signature drive underway!


Last update: September 20, 2017


The signature drive to put medical marijuana on the 2018 ballot in Utah is underway! Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) is leading the campaign to establish a medical cannabis program for sick and suffering Utahns. UPC is a coalition of patients, caretakers, and advocates supported by MPP and several other organizations including TRUCE (a Utah patients group) and Libertas Institute (a Utah think tank).

In order to qualify for the 2018 ballot, the campaign must collect over 113,000 signatures from registered Utah voters by April 2018. Polls in Utah show that Utahns are ready for a medical marijuana program in the state, with a September 2017 poll showing 74% support.

Decriminalization and prohibition


Under current Utah law, possession of as little as an ounce or less of marijuana can result in a six-month jail sentence. Unfortunately, minority and low-income communities in Utah are disproportionately the ones who face these draconian penalties. The ACLU recently found that black Utahans are over three and three-quarters times as likely to get arrested for marijuana possession as their white neighbors.

Take action!


Write your legislators and ask that they support establishing a program for medical marijuana in Utah. Or, ask them to reduce the penalty for marijuana possession to a more reasonable non-criminal fine.

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If you are a patient, a medical professional, a law enforcement official, or a clergy member, please email [email protected] to see how you can be of special help in future efforts to get sensible marijuana legislation introduced in Utah.

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