Clock runs out on key marijuana policy changes, but lawmakers are increasingly supportive


Last update: May 30, 2017


Lawmakers in Texas are increasingly supportive of significant change to marijuana policy, gradually catching up to voters. This year, that support was stronger than ever. Unfortunately, time ran out before votes could be taken on two key pieces of legislation, and they will not advance further in 2017.

First, Joe Moody’s bill, HB 81, was aimed at reducing penalties for low-level possession to a civil violation – and avoiding arrest, jail time, prison, loss of driving privileges, and a harmful criminal record. The bill was successfully voted out of committee in the House but did not get a vote in the entire House before a key deadline. Another bill, HB 2107, sponsored by Rep. Eddie Lucio III, would have sidestepped many of the problems contained in the current Compassionate Use Program, including unrealistic standards for doctors (who must “prescribe” cannabis) and patients (who are limited only to some types of seizure conditions). A majority of House members signed on as supporters of the bill, but as with the decriminalization bill, HB 2107 did not get a vote on the House floor before the deadline.

While disappointing, both lawmakers and advocates made huge strides this year gathering long-term support essential to passing legislation. We are getting closer, and we won’t let up the pressure until Texas has an inclusive medical cannabis law and stops criminalizing marijuana consumers. Onward!

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