Oregon governor pushes back on unfair claims


Last update: September 18, 2017


In August, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a series of letters to the governors of the first four legalization states, critical of their regulatory systems. Gov. Kate Brown was one such recipient, and like her peers in Colorado, Washington, and Alaska, she was skeptical of the federal government’s dim assessment of state efforts. In response to the Department of Justice letter, Gov. Brown called out the letter as based on outdated and incorrect information. In fact, all of the states that received letters from the Department of Justice responded to indicate that they were based on bad data. AG Sessions’ letter is available online here, along with Gov. Brown’s response.

Oregon’s program continues to evolve, as state regulators address issues that surface in the state program. Recently, new rules went into effect that require each batch of cannabis to be tested for contaminants, increasing the frequency of testing. While this puts additional pressure on licensees, many believe it will help ensure products are safer.

For a closer look at the law as it currently stands, see our summary here, and be sure to check out the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s detailed FAQ, available here.

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