Lawmakers consider big policy changes


Last update: May 26, 2017


Oregon’s lawmakers continue to consider a wide range of bills. For the most part, these further refine the state program and include technical changes or other housekeeping measures related to licenses for businesses.

But two bills in particular took a more innovative approach than many. SB 301 would have prohibited employers from discriminating against workers who consume marijuana outside of the workplace. While the bill emerged from the House, it did not gain enough support in the Senate for a vote this year.

Another bill did succeed. SB 863 passed earlier this year and was signed into law in April. This measure strictly limits the ability of marijuana businesses to record the identities of their consumers. The bill passed with broad support and was one of the earliest responses states had to concerns that the Trump administration might change policy and work against state marijuana laws. While that now seems unlikely, the uncertainty surrounding the issue was enough for the state to act.


For a closer look at the law as it currently stands, see our summary here, and be sure to check out the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s detailed FAQ, available here.

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