Signature drive for 2020 medical marijuana ballot initiative is in the home stretch!


Last update: July 10, 2019


The Mississippi State Legislature adjourned in March of this year without taking any substantive action on several marijuana policy reform bills introduced by members of the House and Senate. But fortunately, advocates for compassionate and just alternatives to prohibition have another route to changing Mississippi’s harmful marijuana laws.

Last year, Mississippians for Compassionate Care filed a ballot initiative to make medical marijuana legal in Mississippi. The group is aiming to bring an amendment to the state constitution to voters in 2020. According to a recent statement from the campaign, more than two-thirds of the required signatures have been certified by the state! The deadline to qualify is September 6. You can read the proposed amendment here.

The campaign needs volunteers to circulate petitions and any support you can offer. To get more information on the campaign and how to get involved, please visit and follow them on Facebook! 

It’s time for patients suffering in Mississippi to have safe and legal access to medical marijuana. Click here to sign up for Mississippi-specific email updates from MPP.

Did you know Mississippi is a “decrim” state?


Mississippi is one of the 23 states that have decriminalized — or, in 10 cases, legalized — personal use marijuana possession. First offense possession of 30 grams (a little more than an ounce) is punishable by a $250 fine instead of jail time and a civil summons as opposed to arrest, as long as the offender provides proof of identity and a written promise to appear in court.

Unfortunately, data indicates that Mississippi’s marijuana laws are not being evenly enforced. A 2013 study by the American Civil Liberties Union found that although blacks and whites use marijuana at nearly identical rates, blacks in Mississippi are 3.9 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession.

Please write your state legislators to ask them to end marijuana prohibition in Mississippi and replace it with a taxed and regulated system, as Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have all done. Ask your lawmakers to support this sensible reform!

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