Press Release

Marijuana Policy Project President and CEO Releases Statement Following State of the Union Address

Mar 01, 2022

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Contact: Violet Cavendish

Washington, D.C. — Following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Toi Hutchison, President and CEO at the Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s leading cannabis policy reform organization, released the following statement:

“President Joe Biden’s failure to address cannabis policy reform is an affront to the American people. In spite of overwhelming public support, his refusal to support even modest reforms to our country’s archaic federal cannabis laws is deeply disappointing and is out of step with promises made while he was on the campaign trail.

“We’ve waited long enough for action. Prohibition has failed miserably in this country, and even one more cannabis-related arrest is too many — especially when a disproportionate number of those being arrested are people of color. As long as cannabis is still criminalized at the federal level, there will be limitations to what states can accomplish.

“MPP remains dedicated to keeping the pressure on the Biden administration to live up to their promise and take long overdue action to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level while simultaneously sustaining the momentum for reform in state legislatures.”


Founded in 1995, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is the nation’s leading cannabis policy reform organization. MPP has played a central role in passing dozens of cannabis policy reforms in states across the country, including 10 successful cannabis legalization campaigns, and also works to advance federal reforms.

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