As governments around the world respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MPP and other organizations and advocates are advocating for improved, safe access to cannabis in states with medical cannabis and legalization programs. It is crucial that cannabis remain available as dispensaries and regulators take steps to minimize the risk of spreading of the virus.

You can sign our petition for safe access in times of coronavirus here.

In an open letter to governors and legislative leaders of medical cannabis states, MPP and other organizations and advocates are urging states to:

  • declare medical cannabis businesses “essential” and ensure they remain operational during a stay-at-home order;
  • allow, expand, and encourage medical cannabis delivery services (ideally with no face-to-face contact required);
  • allow and encourage online ordering and curbside pick-up at dispensaries;
  • provide standard operating procedures to medical cannabis businesses so they can implement best practices to protect public health in the face of the pandemic;
  • ensure businesses can continue operations during the pandemic, including in the event some personnel are ill and there is a need for quick hires, such as by waiving requirements that employees first receive or renew identification cards;
  • permit telehealth/telemedicine for new and renewing medical cannabis patients; and
  • extend expiration dates for patient ID cards until the crisis has abated.

In adult-use states, we’re making similar recommendations, but also urging governments to ensure that patients are given priority over non-patients in the event of supply shortages.

Check the table below to see whether cannabis businesses are allowed to stay open in your state, along with whether home delivery, curbside pickup, and telemedicine are allowed. (The New York Times has created a map of states have stay-at-home orders.) Our table also details what medical cannabis-related measures are being taken in your state in light of COVID-19.

We are not aware of any jurisdictions where medical cannabis access has had to temporarily shut down. However, Massachusetts Gov. Baker ordered adult-use businesses — but not medical cannabis — to close on March 23. In addition, in Nevada, only delivery is being allowed due to COVID-19.

State Delivery? Curbside? Essential Service? Telemedicine OK for Cannabis? COVID Measures Taken Other Notes

Not allowed No Yes Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment Allowing ID check windows to be used for sales and allowing retailers to construct pass-through windows, and extending expiration dates of marijuana handler ID cards  


Allowed Not allowed State has not issued shelter-in-place orders, so businesses have not been deemed essential or nonessential. No None yet At this point, no announcements have been made. Most dispensaries are gearing up to start home delivery.


Allowed Yes, during the crisis Unclear, but most or all remain open No None specifically for medical cannabis  


Allowed Yes, in some counties Yes Yes Yes See this Leafly page for county and city information and updates. 


Allowed for medical, but only one business is licensed so far, and sales won't start until late March 2020 Yes, due to COVID. Yes, for adult use and patients Yes, temporarily due to COVID Yes, executive order allowing telemedicine and online ordering. Fast-track hiring of furloughed casino workers. See MED emergency rules.


Allowed Yes, due to COVID. Required for adult use. Yes Yes, due to COVID Essential; allowing recommendations by telemedicine, extending renewal deadlines, relaxing staffing rules, and more  


Yes, in response to COVID Yes, due to COVID Not explicitly, but operating
Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment
Allowing delivery, likely starting the week of April 13; delivery will continue post-COVID Only Columbia Care has plans for delivery. Patients who can pick up cannabis curbside are urged to do so to ensure delivery is available for the homebound.


Allowed Yes, due to COVID Yes During this crisis or for a follow-up Yes, telemedicine and curbside during crisis  


No Not to our knowledge Yes Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment From DOH: “All licensees are taking steps to ask clients to order online to minimize time spent in the dispensary and to arrange for a caregiver to pick up their orders if they are not feeling well or have a health condition which places them at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Our usual schedule of regulatory inspections will be maintained as it is considered an essential function. We remain in close contact with all our licensees.”  


Not allowed Yes Yes, medical and adult-use dispensaries and cultivators Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment Allowing medical dispensaries to sell cannabis "on the dispensary's property or on a public walkway or curb adjacent to the dispensary," but delivery to patients is not allowed.  

Iowa (low-THC, with in-state access)

Not allowed Yes Yes   The state has provided a waiver to allow for curbside pickup.  


Allowed temporarily "where ever that patient is located — at home, hospital, or any other location" as a COVID-related measure  Not to our knowledge Yes Yes, for existing patients during declared emergency Allowing delivery to patients, wherever patients are, by dispensary staff during crisis due to COVID-19. Also, during declared emergency, rules are waived to allow telemedicine for existing patients.  


Allowed Yes, due to COVID Yes Yes Regulators issued guidance on social distancing, including regarding signage, disinfecting, hours for seniors, and limiting the number of people allowed in stores. Expired ID cards may be accepted. The opening of adult-use stores in Maine — which was expected in June — may be delayed even further due to the virus.


Allowed  Yes Yes Allowing for renewals in light of COVID-19

The MMCC has implemented the following measures:
• Telehealth for written certification renewal
• Suspension of signature and attestation requirements to limit patient exposure 
• Extension of agent registrations set to expire until 30 days after the state of emergency is terminated
• Onsite delivery
• Ensure cannabis businesses throughout the supply chain are able to stay open and operational
• Home delivery is permitted under COMAR 10.62.30.

In addition, MMCC staff are currently processing all registration renewals promptly, with no disruption in our activities. If this were to change, the MMCC commission members would re-evaluate the need to extend patient registrations.

Social distancing requirements are here.



Allowed Yes, as a COVID measure Medical, yes. Adult-use must close. Yes, for renewals; also as a COVID measure for new patients

Medical dispensaries that deliver were advised to consider enlarging the areas they service and to encourage patients to place larger individual orders.

See this article for more information.


Allowed Yes, as a COVID-19 measure Yes Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

The governor signed an executive order that permits all licensed marijuana retailers to provide home delivery and curbside pickup of products. Previously, retailers had to be licensed for delivery, and sales had to be conducted inside the store. 

Michigan regulators sent a bulletin about steps in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including the allowance of marijuana curbside pickup and delivery services.


Not allowed, but temporary caregivers are allowed and may service multiple patients Yes, due to COVID Yes

Yes, due to COVID

Curbside, extended expiration date certifications, allowing certification by telehealth, and allowing temporary caregivers. Details here.



No access N/A, not open N/A, not open Yes

N/A, not open

No dispensaries open right now


Allowed in some localities Yes Yes Yes

Yes, see this page for updates.



Yes, only delivery is allowed during the crisis. No, only delivery Only delivery is allowed during the crisis. Yes

Only delivery is allowed during the crisis.


New Hampshire

Not allowed Yes, during crisis Yes Yes, during crisis (previously allowed for renewals)

Curbside, waived fee for designated caregiver applications, telehealth, encouraging pre-orders


New Jersey

Not yet Yes, due to COVID Yes Unclear

Curbside dispensing and consultations, reduced caregiver fees, and expedited employee onboarding. Details here.


New Mexico

Yes Yes, during crisis Yes Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

Declared essential, allowed curbside, expanded ID cards for 90 days, suspended employee background checks.


New York

Allowed Not to our knowledge Yes Yes

Through April 16, DOH is permitting registered organizations that have previous approval to deliver medical marijuana to the homes of registered patients and designated caregivers without written approval.


North Dakota

Allowed Not allowed The state has not issued a shelter-in-place order, and businesses have not been deemed essential or nonessential. Yes

None yet

At least one dispensary (in Fargo) has temporarily closed due to a slowing of sales.


Not allowed Yes. Yes. Yes, due to COVID-19

See this page for updates.

Gov. DeWine is considering allowing home delivery during the stay-at-home order. He said, “That’s something I will ask our team to look at and to look at what the situation is for these individuals.”


No Yes, due to COVID Yes Yes

Essential business, curbside pickup



Allowed Yes, during crisis Allowed to remain open

Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

Increased purchase limit, curbside delivery during COVID; reducing red tape for new workers See this article for more information.


Not allowed, but during crisis temporary caregivers can pick up cannabis for unlimited patients Yes, during crisis Yes Yes

Considered an essential service, curbside, delivery, 90-day supply allowed, caregivers can deliver to unlimited patients. More here.


Rhode Island

Yes Yes Yes Yes, during the crisis

Regulators are expected to release more guidelines publicly soon.

DOH indicated they are in the process of approving plans for delivery and curbside pick up for all three dispensaries.

Texas (low-THC, with in-state access)


Not to our knowledge Yes  

None yet



Not allowed

Not to our knowledge State health authorities expect them to be essential for new patients Not for the initial appointment, but allowed for follow-up

None yet

Some pharmacies have revised procedures to reduce in-person contact, such as advance ordering.


Allowed Yes, during the crisis Not explicitly, but operating Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

Yes, delivery to patients in cars in dispensary parking lots is allowed during the pandemic, and registry identification cards for patients, caregivers, and staff have been temporarily expanded for 90 days.



Not allowed Allowed during COVID-19 Yes, exempt from stay-at-home order Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

Yes. Curbside delivery allowed, minors under 16 allowed on premises. COVID-19 guidance is available here and here.

More information

Washington, D.C.

Not allowed Not to our knowledge Yes Allowed for renewals, but not for initial appointment

None yet


West Virginia

No access  N/A, no access N/A, no access  

N/A, no access

No dispensaries open right now

States are rapidly adopting new measures related to COVID-19. Please email us at if you notice anything missing.

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