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As more states continue to reform their cannabis laws and create opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers, MPP is bringing together businesses that are united in seeking a bright future for legal cannabis across the United States. Companies that join MPP’s Support Network are investing in their future and planting the seeds that will grow the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. 

MPP’s efforts helped foster an environment where legal businesses can thrive, and we need your support to extend the opportunities provided by a responsibly regulated marketplace to all Americans. Together we can safeguard and expand protections for state marijuana markets — and ramp up pressure on Congress to face the reality that our federal marijuana laws need significant reform.

 Changing Laws. Changing Lives.

The Marijuana Policy Project is an indispensable leader in the fight to end marijuana prohibition in the United States, employing unmatched experience and effective strategies that have helped usher in medical and adult-use laws across the country through ballot initiatives and legislative action. As the nation’s largest and most effective cannabis policy organization, MPP seeks to build consensus around pursuing policies that lift up victims of the war on drugs and provide access and equal opportunities to all.

MPP places concrete accomplishments at the center of our mission, and we’ll continue to envision and support sensible reforms at every level that make a real difference in the lives of millions of Americans:

  • MPP is engaging with allied advocates and state legislators to secure the passage of adult-use laws in 15 additional states over the next three years, bringing cannabis policy to a “tipping point” where half of the country has ended prohibition.

  • MPP is contributing to promising efforts to expand the number of states with medical marijuana programs, while protecting patients and caregivers.

  • MPP continues to build political support in Congress for the removal of marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

Visit our policy page to learn more about MPP’s policy goals and ongoing advocacy efforts nationwide. To learn more about joining MPP’s Support Network, you can view our Corporate Giving Brochure here.

MPP is committed to replacing our nation’s failed marijuana policies with laws that work for everyone — from patients and medical professionals to adult consumers and business owners. The continued progress of our movement is far from inevitable, and significant forces remain aligned against our efforts to advance reform. The fact remains that marijuana is illegal on the federal level, and there are still many legal and financial obstacles businesses face in states where there is adult-use legalization.

To learn more about joining MPP’s Support Network, you can view the Corporate Giving Brochure, or reach out to for more information. 

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