The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) seeks part-time temp workers to assist with data entry, envelope stuffing, and other administrative duties in its office in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.

These positions are available immediately and pay $11.50/hour. Temp work is generally only available during business hours on weekdays, not on evenings or weekends.

People who apply for temporary work will be added to MPP's list of potential temporary workers. When MPP needs help with temporary work (which is often), we will contact people on our list and ask about their availability to do the work, working around their schedule as much as possible. Temporary workers who are the most reliable will be called first.

If you are interested in applying for temporary work, please carefully follow the process detailed below:

Please send your resume and a one-page cover letter via email to In your cover letter, please indicate:

  1. that you are interested in temporary work with MPP,
  2. the days and hours in which you are generally available to work, and
  3. why you are interested in working with MPP.

Feel free to include any other information you deem relevant, not to exceed one page.

MPP will add your name to our list of potential temporary workers and will call you, as needed, for temporary work assignments.

Please do not call the MPP office about temp positions.

Thank you for your interest in MPP.