Marijuana possession and cultivation now legal for adults 21 and older; limited sales began Oct. 1


Last update: October 15, 2015


On November 4, 2014, 56% of Oregon voters overwhelming approved Measure 91! Oregon and Alaska, whose voters also approved a similar measure that same night, joined Washington and Colorado in taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. Voters in D.C. approved a measure that removes all penalties for possession, use, and cultivation by adults 21 and older.

Effective July 1, 2015, Measure 91 legalized the private use, possession, and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by adults 21 and older. The ballot measure also requires the liquor commission to license and regulate four types of marijuana businesses to produce, process, wholesale, and sell marijuana for adults’ use. The state is expected to being accepting applications for these businesses in January 2016. For more information, please see our summary of the law.

In the meantime, lawmakers in Salem passed, and Gov. Kate Brown signed, a proposal that allows adults 21 and older to purchase a limited amount of marijuana from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries beginning as of October 1, 2015. This measure more quickly provides a safe and legal access point for adults while the state continues to fully implement the ballot initiative.

Passage of Measure 91 is largely due to the good and hard work of everyone at the Yes on 91 campaign. However, it never would have succeeded without the support of the voters. Thanks to you, adults in Oregon are no longer be penalized by the state for choosing to use marijuana in private.

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