Last Update: January 10, 2014

As 2014 session begins, medical marijuana is on lawmakers’ minds

In 2013, two more states, New Hampshire and neighboring Illinois, joined the list of states with compassionate medical marijuana laws on the book. As more and more people educate themselves about the benefits of a well-regulated program, that list is sure to grow.  

In 2013, Rep. Bruce Hunter (D — Des Moines) and Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D — Iowa City) introduced medical marijuana in the Iowa legislature. Their sensible legislation would exempt patients in Iowa suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, severe pain and nausea, and other ailments from arrest and prosecution for using marijuana under their physicians’ recommendations. Patients or their caregivers would be able to grow their medicine or they could obtain it from a nonprofit dispensary.

Please email your legislators and ask them to support medical marijuana. It’s time for Iowa to join the 20 states (and Washington, D.C.) that exempt medical use of marijuana from criminal law. It’s time to stop treating the seriously ill in Iowa like criminals!

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2010 Board of Pharmacy Ruling

In 2009-2010, MPP worked with Carl Olsen and Iowa Patients to lobby the Board of Pharmacy. Thank you to all who participated! You can watch the testimony here. On February 17, 2010, the Board of Pharmacy voted 6-0 to recognize marijuana’s medical value and to recommend that the legislature reschedule marijuana to only Schedule II. The public also supports medical marijuana. A February 2010 Seltzer & Co. Iowa poll found that 64% of Iowans support patient use of medical marijuana with a doctor's approval!

Are you a patient?

If you are supportive and are a medical professional, a seriously ill patient who might benefit from medical marijuana, a law enforcement official, a clergy member, or a member of the legal community, or you know someone else that is, please email  to see how you can be of special help. Please include your address or nine-digit ZIP code.

Learn more about Iowa’s marijuana laws

Iowa has harsh marijuana laws and arrested more than 6,600 people for marijuana offenses in 2010. First-offense possession of even a single joint is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, one of the most severe first offense penalties in the country. Unfortunately, these draconian penalties hit minority and low-income communities the hardest. According to the ACLU, blacks in Iowa are almost eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana prohibition than whites. Please ask your legislators to end marijuana prohibition now!

You can learn more about Iowa’s marijuana penalties and enforcement by reading this report by economist Jon Gettman, Ph.D.

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