Office of the Executive Director

Rob Kampia, Executive Director

Nick Field, Office Manager

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Mason Tvert, Director of Communications

Morgan Fox, Senior Communications Manager

Michael Wilcox, Online Outreach Manager


Federal Policies

Robert Capecchi, Director of Federal Policies

Don Murphy, Director of Conservative Outreach


Information Technology

Garret Overstreet, Web Developer

Kate Zawidzki, Web Content Manager



Lindsay Robinson, Director of Development

Sarah Holyhead, Major Gifts Officer

Kelley Crosson, Major Gifts Officer

Chris Rempert, Senior Membership Coordinator

Leah Harris, Membership Coordinator

Ian Nawalinski, Membership Coordinator

Eric Robertson, Membership Coordinator


State Campaigns

Matt Schweich, Director of State Campaigns

Zach Mauldin, Compliance Officer

Heather Azzi, Campaigns Analyst

David Boyer, Maine Political Director

Carlos Alfaro, Arizona Political Director

Will Luzier, Massachusetts Political Co-Director

Jim Borghesani, Massachusetts Political Co-Director


State Policies

Karen O’Keefe, Director of State Policies

Matt Simon, New England Political Director and Legislative Counsel

Chris Lindsey, Senior Legislative Counsel

Becky Dansky, Legislative Counsel

Kate Bell, Legislative Counsel

Maggie Ellinger-Locke, Legislative Counsel

Heather Fazio, Texas Political Director

Jared Moffat, Rhode Island Political Director

Claire Marsden, Legislative Assistant