There are lots of different ways to support MPP financially. Learn about them here.




Paypal is a secure payment-processing platform that adds an extra layer of protection to your online spending. To donate to the Marijuana Policy Project via Paypal, please select the link below:

Shop online


Amazon Associates
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MPP is a member of’s Associates program: When you buy products (like books from our recommended reading list) from through links on MPP’s site, a portion of the sale goes to MPP. And there’s more, because you don’t even have to buy products that MPP recommends. Simply use this specially formatted link when you shop on, and proceeds from everything you buy will go to MPP. (We suggest that you bookmark this link in your browser as “Amazon” and use it every time you need to buy anything for anyone.)


MPP Foundation is also a member of AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile allows you to select MPP Foundation to receive a portion of everything you buy through AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know: same products, same prices, same service. You don’t need to click any special link for MPP Foundation to receive proceeds from your purchases. Anytime you purchase something through, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price directly to MPP Foundation.


When you shop at major online retailers, such as,, and many others, you can have aportion of the cost of your purchase automatically donated to MPP — without adding even a penny to your cost! To get started, simply register with iGive at Then, shop with any of the hundreds of merchants participating with and a portion of the purchase price will be sent to MPP to use in changing our nation’s failed marijuana policy. (See a list of stores here.)

Search the internet


EaGoodSearch smaller logoch time you use to search the Internet, money goes towards MPP. The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you’ll get the same quality search results that you’re used to — what’s unique is that the site has developed a way to direct money to MPP with every click. Visit and enter “Marijuana Policy Project” in the box titled “Who do you GoodSearch for?”. Click “Verify” and then start searching! Fifty percent of the revenues generated from advertisers is shared with MPP, and all you have to do is search the Internet like you normally do.

Sell your stuff


EBAY_GIVING_WORKS_LOGOMPP is part of eBay’s Giving Works program, which distributes money from eBay sales to nonprofit causes. Visit and click on “Sell” to get started. Then be sure to select “Marijuana Policy Project” when you’re prompted to enter a charity. (Donations made to MPP in this manner are tax-deductible; eBay will issue tax receipts to sellers on MPP’s behalf.)

Offer an auction item


If you own artwMPP-Summer-Solstice-Party-07ork, sports memorabilia, a vacation home, collectibles, or a business that could provide free services, you can support MPP by donating them to our upcoming online auction to raise funds for our important work. You can take a tax deduction for the fair market value of goods and/or services you donate. MPP will auction off a few exclusive items at a future party. To make a donation, please call (202) 462-4747, ext. *2020, or email



Donate your car


If your automobile (car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or aircraft) is no longer of use to you, it can still go a long way towards supporting our work to end marijuana prohibition. MPP Foundation will get money from the sale of your used vehicle at auction, and you will get a tax deduction. To get started, call toll-free 1-866-MPP-GIVE (1-866-677-4483), or email, to contact an MPP vehicle donations representative, who will schedule a pickup that’s convenient for you.

If the gross proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle are $500 or more and if you provide your social security number to our representative at the time of your donation, you will receive IRS tax form 1098-C stating the sale price of the vehicle. This amount is what you will claim on your itemized tax return. If the gross proceeds are less than $500, the tow receipt you receive at the time of pickup will serve as your tax receipt.

What are the benefits of donating my car to MPP Foundation?

MPP Foundation benefits by receiving a cash donation — which will go towards funding the campaigns in our strategic plan. You benefit by being able to reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized. Plus, you avoid the costs associated with selling your car: There is no need to pay for advertising, no loss of privacy or possible security risk, and no need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, and repairs to keep your car in working condition while you wait for a buyer.

Does my car have to be running to donate it?

In some cases we can take your non-running car. However, it must have an engine and be tow-able. Contact a representative at 1-866-MPP-GIVE to find out if your vehicle qualifies for pickup.

Do you only accept cars for donation?

Many types of motor vehicles are accepted, including boats, motorcycles, trucks, and cars. If you are uncertain as to whether your vehicle is eligible, please contact the vehicle donation program toll-free at 1-866-MPP-GIVE.

How long will it take to pick up my vehicle?

After your initial call, a tow company will contact you within two to three business days.

Do I have to be with the vehicle at the time of pick-up?

No. Special arrangements can be made by calling a representative at 1-866-MPP-GIVE.

What paperwork do I need?

The only paperwork needed is a signed, clear title (referred to as a “pink slip” in California). Please have your title with you when you call. (Note: A clear title indicates the title is in the name of the donor without a lien.)

Do I need a smog certificate in order to donate my car?

No. You may donate your vehicle without this document. Safety inspection documents are also not required.

What if I receive legal notices?

In the rare event that you receive any notification of a lien sale, DMV actions, or other activity related to your donated vehicle, please contact us for assistance immediately at 1-866-MPP-GIVE.

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. Our driver will issue a tow receipt at the time of pickup. This is your final tax receipt unless the sale of your vehicle exceeds $500. The tow receipt will indicate your name as well as the year, make, model, and condition of the car you are donating. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you will receive IRS Form 1098-C, “Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes,” which will list the amount of your deductible donation.

What can I claim as a deduction?

Your deduction is limited to the gross proceeds of the sale of your vehicle. IRS Form 1098-C, “Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes,” will be mailed to you within 30 days of the sale, stating the amount of gross proceeds received from your car (provided your vehicle sold for more than $500 and you have submitted your social security number). This will be your tax receipt for your charitable contribution.

How is the value of the donated vehicle determined?

The value is determined by the gross proceeds raised from the sale of the donated vehicle. (You no longer have the burden of determining the value yourself.)

Transfer stock


Donating appreciated securities — stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have grown in value — can be an easy way of making a contribution to MPP, and one which may have tax advantages for you. You might even be able to consider a larger gift than you would have otherwise given — the size you wish you could make!

One way of reducing your tax burden is to transfer appreciated stock to MPP’s brokerage account and/or MPP Foundation’s brokerage account, in lieu of donating cash to these two organizations.

MPP: Transferring appreciated stock to MPP’s brokerage account — which MPP then immediately sells and sends the resulting cash to MPP’s checking account — allows donors to AVOID THE CAPITAL GAINS TAX that they would otherwise need to pay when selling appreciated stock.

MPP FOUNDATION: When transferring appreciated stock to MPP Foundation’s brokerage account, donors would AVOID THE CAPITAL GAINS TAX and also still receive the TAX DEDUCTION that applies to donations to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations like MPP Foundation. This is a *double* tax benefit for the donor.

Organization Organization type Donate cash to org’s checking account? Transfer stock to org’s brokerage account?

These tax benefits only apply to securities that have been held for more than one year. Securities that have been held for one year or less are considered short-term for tax purposes. The charitable deduction for such gifts is limited to “cost basis” (the original value of an asset — usually the purchase price — adjusted for stock splits, dividends and return of capital distributions). Unless the cost basis is close to fair market value, you will likely find it more financially beneficial to make charitable gifts with securities held long-term (more than one year).

To make a gift of stock, let your broker know that you want to transfer stock to the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation (Tax ID #52-1975211). Your broker will want to know the name of the stock(s) and the number of shares you are contributing.

To transfer your stock, or for more information, please contact Nell Garver at 202-905-2020 or We will need to know the name and telephone number of your broker, the name of the stock(s), and the number of shares you are contributing. If you request the transfer in writing, please mail a copy of the transfer request letter to MPP Foundation at 2370 Champlain Street NW, #12, Washington, D.C. 20009.

Please remember to tell your broker not to just sell the stock and forward the proceeds to MPP Foundation. This will jeopardize your tax savings benefits. Stock should be transferred to MPP Foundation’s account. We will notify you with the dollar amount of your gift, based on the date the transfer is completed. Gift value is based on the average of the stock’s high and low price on the day of transfer.

Make a bequest


By leaving a bequest to MPP in your will, you can support MPP’s work far into the future. You will retain control of your assets, and your heirs may experience tax benefits from your charitable gift.

In drafting your will or living trust, you can specify your bequest as a fixed dollar amount (specific bequest) or a percentage of your estate (residuary bequest). For example, “I give to the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in the District of Columbia, the sum of $ (or all or percent of my residuary estate) to be used for its general purposes.”

It is often simpler to express your bequests as a percentage of your estate, because if your estate changes in value, you will not have to update your will as often. Your gift remains proportional to your estate.

To make a bequest, please consult with your attorney to ensure that your intentions are clear and that your will is in compliance with your state’s laws. Then, contact MPP Foundation at (202) 462-5747, ext. *2020, or at, to let us know of your planned gift.

Donate offline


If you prefer, you can make your donation over the phone. Simply call 202-462-5747, ext. *2020.


The purpose of this page is to provide general information only. The Marijuana Policy Project does not provide legal or tax advice. Please check with your tax and legal advisors when planning your charitable gift.