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Your donation right now will be used to fund MPP’s current projects, like decriminalizing marijuana possession in Illinois, New Hampshire, and Texas and ending marijuana prohibition in California, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Your donation can even be tax-deductible.


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Donations to MPP will be used to support MPP’s efforts nationwide and will be dispensed at MPP’s sole discretion. If you would like to support an initiative in a specific state, please donate to that state’s campaign committee.


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If you prefer, you can make your donation over the phone or by mail. Simply call the number below, or print the donation form and send it to the address below. (If you donate by mail, you can also send a check or money order.)

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PHONE: 202-462-5747, ext. *2020


The purpose of this page is to provide general information only. The Marijuana Policy Project does not provide legal or tax advice. Please check with your tax and legal advisors when planning your charitable gift.