Chris joined MPP in April 2013 and currently serves as senior legislative counsel. He works with lawmakers, lobbyists, supporters, and members of the activist community in around a dozen states on behalf of MPP. Chris writes and evaluates legislation, lobbies in support of improved marijuana laws, and works with regulatory agencies at the state level in support of sensible regulatory systems.

Chris became a medical marijuana patient in 2006 and became an active member of the medical marijuana community in Montana starting in 2008. As a medical marijuana attorney, Chris represented patients and businesses across the state, including before the Montana Supreme Court. He has also seen the harsh side of federal prohibition policies. In 2011, he was charged as a co-conspirator for violating federal law due to his participation in a 2009 medical marijuana business, following a series of highly publicized raids. Chris currently lives in Missoula, Montana with his father and son.

Chris Lindsey

Senior Legislative Counsel