Raised in the Appalachian backwoods and forged in battle against a slew of assorted varmints, Natasha moved to D.C. in ’07 and has held administrative roles with many progressive nonprofits focused on a wide range of issues, including genocide prevention, civil rights, womens rights, political organizing, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

She is a math nerd at heart and firmly believes a good Excel sheet can work wonders. She once even won a March Madness pool armed with only descriptive statistics and an Analysis ToolPak. 

For over a decade, she has helped small and mid-sized nonprofits build and streamline their administrative departments with a focus on developing finance and human resource systems that balance adherence to best practices and staff usability. Her current obsession is with cutting-edge HR strategies that empower staff to manage their time. 

At MPP, she works to simplify organizational operations by consolidating functions wherever possible and using technology to increasingly professionalize finance and human resource functions. She also still fights the occasional varmint. 

Natasha Olinger

Chief of Staff

Beginning Year: 2017