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02/11/10 | Global Cannabis Commission Report

On October 2, 2008, the Global Cannabis Commission, a group of top scientists commissioned by the Beckley Foundation, a British think tank, issued its groundbreaking report, "Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate." These distinguished researchers lay out what's known about marijuana's physical and psychological risks and -- something most other commission reports have not done -- what is known about the effects of various types of marijuana policies and reforms thereof.

11/05/09 | Marijuana Arrests in the United States - 2007

The most exhaustive collection of data ever on U.S. marijuana arrests, penalties and related information finds no relationship between marijuana arrest and use rates, while penalty structures act as a price support mechanism that boosts the illegal market.

09/22/09 | Youth Tobacco Sales: Enforcement Efforts and SAMHSA's Synar Regulation Monitoring

2006 was the first year that all 50 states were in compliance with federal rules designed to curb tobacco sales to youth. The report highlights the progressive success of the cigarette sales enforcement program in the U.S., noting that the national average of illegal tobacco sales to minors has dropped since the program's inception.

09/22/09 | Revenue & Taxes from Oakland's Cannabis Economy: Report to Measure Z Oversight Committee

This analysis by Dale Gieringer and Richard Lee concludes that the medical marijuana business in the city of Oakland, Calif., could contribute tens of millions of dollars to the local economy.

09/22/09 | Medical Marijuana: Politics Trumps Science at the FDA

In this commentary for Medscape General Medicine, Dr. Greg Carter of the University of Washington and MPP's Bruce Mirken analyze the Food and Drug Administration's April 2006 statement criticizing medical marijuana laws.


05/07/15 |
Tulsa World Editorial: Positive step: Governor signs limited medical marijuana measure

04/21/15 |
Editorial: Viable medical marijuana program a must

04/07/15 |
Rep. Allen Peake: Haleigh’s Hope is now Georgia’s hope

03/31/15 |
Editorial board: Legalize pot for medical use

03/27/15 |
Is it time for medical marijuana in Tennessee?






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