Club of 1,000

What is the Club of 1,000?

The "Club of 1,000" is a distinction that's reserved for the highest-level donors to MPP, MPP Foundation, MPP's federal Political Action Committee, MPP's state PACs (such as in Vermont), and MPP's ballot initiative committees (such as in Alaska).

Other than being on MPP's board of directors, the "Club of 1,000" is the highest distinction that a dues-paying member can attain within the organization.

Qualifying for the "Club of 1,000" means that either (1) you've donated at least $1,000 in one lump sum in the last 365 days, or (2) you're currently donating at least $100 per month on your credit card.

If you donate in either of these two ways, we'll mail you our exclusive membership gift. This gift is reserved exclusively for "Club of 1,000" members, i.e., there's no other way to obtain it.

There are four ways to give:

This year, our friends and fellow Club of 1000 member 420 Science generously provided our exclusive gift: the Club of 1,000 420 Jar.

The following financial transactions do not qualify people for the "Club of 1,000":

  • purchasing tickets to special events (which basically means MPP's annual fundraising events in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco);
  • purchasing corporate sponsorships for special events;
  • purchasing auction items at special events or on; or
  • buying advertising space online.




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