A statewide poll conducted in 2017 found that 68% of Granite Staters support ending marijuana prohibition. With public support now overwhelmingly in favor of reform, there has never been a more important opportunity to change the status quo on marijuana policy than this year’s primary and general elections.

New Hampshire’s 2018 general election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6. If you have questions about how and where to vote, click here for answers. Mark your calendars and remember to vote!

Voter guide highlights:

  • Gov. Chris Sununu signed the decriminalization bill in 2017, but he has not yet been convinced to support legalization. Former state Sen. Molly Kelly (D) and Jilletta Jarvis (L) support legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana for adults’ use.
  • In state Senate races, several candidates who support legalization are facing opponents who do not. Supportive Senate candidates include former Rep. Melanie Levesque (D-Brookline) in District 12, former Rep. Annie Grassie (D-Rochester) in District 6, Bill Bolton (D-Plymouth) in District 2, Jenn Alford-Teaster (D-Bradford) in District 8, and Carla Gericke (R-Manchester) in District 20.
  • Two incumbent state senators are more supportive than their challengers on marijuana policy reform: Sen. Dan Innis (R-New Castle) in District 24 and Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh (D-Manchester) in District 17.

Click here for a printable one-page PDF version of our New Hampshire voter guide.

Voters: The information in this voter guide is based on responses to survey questions, public statements, and votes cast by incumbent legislators. Please take time to become informed about the candidates who will appear on your ballot.

If you speak to a candidate and learn his or her position on marijuana policy issues, or if you see a news link with a relevant quote we haven’t included, please share the information with us by emailing msimon@mpp.org.

Candidates: If you would like to add or change a response, or add a comment, please email msimon@mpp.org, and we will be happy to update the voter guide.

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