Find out how your senator voted and send a follow-up message.

The New Hampshire Senate voted 15-9 on June 4 to overturn the Senate Judiciary Committee’s recommendation that HB 618 be killed. This was a critical vote that allowed amendments to be considered on the bill, which would have reduced penalties for simple possession of marijuana. Although the senators were not able to agree on a floor amendment, it’s a positive sign that 15 senators voted to give the bill a chance. Find out how your senator voted (below) and click on the link next to the list to send an appropriate follow-up message to your senator. If you’re not sure who your senator is, click here.

The Senate will obviously continue to consider marijuana policies for several years, so it’s vital that they hear their constituents care about this issue.

Fifteen senators voted to give HB 618 a chance: David Pierce, David Watters, Jeff Woodburn, Jeb Bradley, Andy Sanborn, Molly Kelly, Kevin Avard, Bette Lasky, Dan Feltes, John Reagan, Donna Soucy, Regina Birdsell, Lou D’Allesandro, Martha Fuller Clark, and Nancy Stiles. Thank your senator  here.

Four senators argued strenuously against HB 618 on the Senate floor: Jeanie Forrester, Sharon Carson, David Boutin, and Gary Daniels. Email your senator here.

Five other senators voted to kill HB 618: Jerry Little, Russell Prescott, Chuck Morse, Sam Cataldo, and Andrew Hosmer. Email your senator here.