Wyoming Legislature again trying to increase marijuana penalties


Last update: June 28, 2018


In clear contradiction with the desires of their constituents, 62% of whom want the state to stop jailing people for possession of small amounts of marijuana, the Wyoming Legislature is again considering a penalty increase. Click here to let your representatives know you want them to follow the views of their constituents and decriminalize marijuana.

The 2018 session is a budget session, which means it takes a two-thirds vote to even consider non-budget related issues. On February 13, the Senate voted to consider Senate File 23, sponsored by the Joint Judiciary Committee. The bill would set the threshold for a felony charge — for mere marijuana possession — at three grams of concentrate, three ounces of edibles (the same as the threshold for flower cannabis), or 36 ounces of liquids (such as infused soda). This is extremely low, because the weight includes the other substances in the marijuana product; one tray of marijuana brownies could easily weigh one pound (16 ounces) and contain only 1/8 of an ounce of flower.

The legislature has been debating this threshold for several years. Instead of wasting time trying to give more citizens felony records, which will have a huge negative impact on their ability to get a job, housing, or an education, the legislature should consider sensible policies, such as eliminating the existing felony for possession of marijuana flower.

No medical cannabis in the Equality State


Wyoming does allow the use of CBD oil to treat seizures, but provides no legal means of in-state access. Three bills were considered in 2017 that would have expanded this very limited protection, but none moved forward.

Unfortunately, allowing only seizures to be treated under Wyoming law leaves many patients behind. Only 2.5% of registered patients in Colorado and less than 1% of patients in Arizona list seizures as their qualifying condition. In addition, many patients who do qualify need higher levels of THC than currently allowed. Please encourage your legislators to champion compassion and common sense by supporting effective medical marijuana legislation.

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