New Hampshire Updates

09/12/14 |
Marijuana Policy Clear Winner In New Hampshire Primary Election

09/03/14 |
MPP’s New Hampshire Primary Voter Guide

08/27/14 |
New Hampshire Begins Considering Dispensary Rules

08/25/14 |
Legalizing it could stop the overdoses

06/19/14 |
Medical cannabis: a long way off

05/07/14 |
MPP Releases Report on Collateral Consequences of Marijuana Convictions in New Hampshire

05/07/14 |
New Report Details Collateral Consequences Associated With a Marijuana Conviction In New Hampshire

04/24/14 |
New Hampshire Senators Crush Patients’ Hopes for Home Cultivation

04/22/14 |
New Hampshire Senate Committee Votes to Deny Patients Legal Access to Medical Marijuana

04/14/14 |
Rep. Adam Schroadter: Penalties for marijuana use in NH should fit the crime

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