How can you help pass a medical marijuana law in NH?

(1) Begin by writing a few paragraphs explaining why you personally care about passing a medical marijuana law. Focus on your own experiences, or the experiences of people you know and care about (for example, a suffering relative), as personal stories tend to be much more compelling than academic arguments. This will become the email that you send to the legislators who represent you in Concord.

(2) I encourage you to send me a draft at before you send it to your representatives. As a former college English instructor, I would be happy to edit and make suggestions for making your message more effective.

(3) Select your town here and you will see contact information for your representatives. Send each a personalized email (begin with “Dear Representative or Senator So-and-so”) and ask them to support the medical marijuana bill.

(4) If you are, for any reason, uncomfortable contacting your representatives, consider this question: how can you expect your elected officials to publicly vote in favor of medical marijuana if you’re not willing to ask them? Take comfort in the fact that legislators almost always respect the confidentiality of any messages they receive from constituents.

(5) If you do not receive a response within a few days, follow up with a phone call to the represenatative or senator’s office. If you receive a substantive answer, please let me know at If you find out your legislator is undecided or opposed, try to learn what his or her objections and concerns are so we can work to address them and turn that “no” or “maybe” into “YES.”

(6) If you are comfortable having your thoughts and experiences published in a newspaper, modify your email into a short letter (200 words max). You can find a list of all New Hampshire newspapers and their websites here. Each website should include guidelines for submitting letters. Again, I’d be more than happy to assist with editing and the submission process.

(7) Talk to your friends and family members and ask them to follow the above steps. There is nothing more persuasive to a legislator than receiving a large number of personalized messages from constituents! However, supporters who prefer to send a prewritten letter can easily do so by clicking here.

(8) If you have other ideas for promoting this issue and persuading legislators, please share them with me at Good luck!





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