Nevada State Policy Alert

Sent: May 20, 2010
Topic: Tax and Regulate


We need your help -- and you can get paid


Since filing our initiative to tax and regulate marijuana in Nevada four months ago, we have been making great strides with respect to building a coalition in support of our campaign. We are confident our initiative will pass in November 2012, but that obviously cannot happen if we do not qualify for the ballot. We need your help and we need it now!

Starting this Saturday, May 22, and running through Friday, June 4, early voting for the primary elections will be taking place throughout the state. During this time, tens of thousands of our fellow Nevadans will be heading to the polls. This is an incredible opportunity to gather signatures from registered voters, so we need to make sure we have people in place to do so.

Your help — even for just a few hours — can move us closer to the goal of 97,002 valid signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot. There are many early voting locations and probably even one close to where you live, work, or play. Will you help us?

We are even willing to pay you $1 for every signature you obtain from a registered voter! So you can help us out and make a little money as well. If you aren’t interested but think someone you know might be, please forward this e-mail along.

NSML has representatives in both southern Nevada and northern Nevada and they are ready to get you started gathering signatures. It’s easy and fun to meet with your neighbors, friends, and members of your community and get them to sign our petition. Most importantly, you will be helping to end the ridiculousness of punishing adults for using a substance safer than alcohol.

By giving a few hours of your time, you too can be a part of a historic campaign to change our outdated and failed marijuana prohibition laws. I hope you will join us. To get started, either click on one of the coordinator links above or sign up on our website.







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