Massachusetts State Policy Alert

Sent: March 8, 2012
From: Kate Zawidzki
Topic: Tax and Regulate


Tax and regulate bill heard in committee; urge your legislators to support it!


On Tuesday, the Massachusetts legislature's Joint Committee on the Judiciary heard testimony on House Bill 1371, a bill that would regulate and tax the cannabis industry, sponsored by Rep. Ellen Story (D–Amherst). Please email your legislators and ask them to support this proposal.

Rep. Story understands that Massachusetts needs to make money, and ending marijuana prohibition would benefit the state in terms of additional tax revenue and the growth of an industry. It would also mean an end to jailing otherwise law-abiding people just for choosing to use a substance safer than alcohol. And, if marijuana were sold by licensed law-abiding businesses, rather than by drug dealers with no incentive to check IDs, it could be kept out of the hands of kids. The list goes on

Massachusetts voters also understand the need for sensible marijuana policy reform, as they demonstrated in 2008 by overwhelmingly passing the marijuana decriminalization bill with 65% of the vote. Please continue advocating for reasonable marijuana laws by asking your legislators to support H. 1371. It’s important that they hear from you.

Thanks for your advocacy!







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