2015 Marijuana Policy Reform Legislation

Fifty-seven percent of Americans live in states that have reformed their marijuana laws by allowing medical marijuana, imposing a fine — not possible jail time — on marijuana possession, or making marijuana legally available and regulated for adults’ use.

With polls showing that a majority of Americans support making marijuana use legal, and with 86% support for allowing medical marijuana, lawmakers are increasingly realizing the public supports marijuana policy reforms. Dozens of states are expected to consider marijuana policy reform this legislative session, and several bills have already been introduced.

Click on the state name to take action and contact your state legislators. For the text of each bill, its sponsors, and its status, visit the “legislation” page after clicking on the state name.

Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Legislation

Total states with anticipated or introduced bills to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol: 19 + D.C.

Introduced or Pre-Filed (16 states and D.C.)

  • Arizona (HB 2007, HB 2477)
  • Connecticut (HB 6473)
  • Florida (SB 1176, HB 1279)
  • Georgia (SB 198)
  • Hawaii (SB 873, SB 383, HB 717)
  • Maryland (SB 531, HB 911)
  • Massachusetts (House docket number 3436)
  • Missouri (HJR 15, proposes a constitutional amendment)
  • Nevada (The legislature must consider the Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana, which has qualified for the 2016 ballot. The legislature can approve the measure during the first 40 days of its 2015 session.)
  • New Jersey (A 3094 and S 1896 carry over from 2014)
  • New Mexico (HB 160, SJR 2, proposed a constitutional amendment)
  • New York (SB 1747, AB 3089)
  • Pennsylvania (SB 528)
  • Rhode Island (S 510)
  • Texas (HB 2165, unlike the other bills, this legalization bill does not include taxation and regulation)
  • Vermont (S 95, H 277)
  • Washington, D.C. (B21-0023)

Anticipated (3)

Marijuana Regulation Study Committee Bills

Bills to Replace Possible Jail Time With a Fine for Simple Possession ("Decriminalization")

Total states with anticipated or introduced bills to stop jailing those who possess small amounts of marijuana: 17

Introduced or Pre-Filed (14)

Anticipated (3)

Effective Medical Marijuana Bills

Total states with anticipated or introduced bills to allow the medical use of marijuana: 18

Introduced or Pre-Filed (16)

Anticipated (2)

Last updated: March 4, 2015





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