Illinois State Policy Alert

Sent: December 13, 2012
From: Dan Riffle
Topic: Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana vote now expected in Illinois Senate


Contact your senator now!

For the last several weeks, patients and activists have been targeting the Illinois House of Representatives expecting a vote there on House Bill 30, legislation that would make Illinois the 19th medical marijuana state. Unfortunately, while there may be 60 representatives willing to vote for the bill, due to absences, they weren’t all in the House at the same time last week.

In addition to the absences, behind-the-scenes negotiations with other groups interested in seeing the bill passed have led to a change in plans: the bill will be amended to provide for 22 growers and will now go through the Senate first during the lame duck session in early January. The good news is that the Senate has passed the bill before, but it has been awhile. Consequently, I’m asking you to contact your state senator now, and let him or her know you support medical marijuana.

I know it sometimes seems like Groundhog Day with headlines and emails every few months saying this bill is close to passing, but I promise you, it really is close. We feel good about our chances, but time is our biggest enemy. Please don’t wait to contact your senator; then, forward this to friends and ask them to do the same.







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