Hawaii State Policy Alert

Sent: February 13, 2012
Topic: Medical Marijuana


Hawaii: Take a minute to support patients


We’re halfway through February and legislation is starting to move. Unfortunately, not all of it is beneficial.

HB 1963 has already been heard and advanced out of one committee. This bill would, among other things, remove chronic pain from the list of qualifying conditions for the medical marijuana program. This cruel proposal fails to take into consideration the scientific finding that marijuana relieves neuropathic pain, a condition notoriously unresponsive to common pharmacology. Please email your representative and senator today and ask them to oppose this bill.

In addition to HB 1963, HB 2600 is also moving. This bill would add further registration requirements for physicians who recommend medical marijuana — requirements that are not placed on other physicians. Please visit Hawaii News Daily for instructions on submitting testimony in opposition to this bill.  

Finally, a bit of good news. SB 2262 has been scheduled for a hearing this week. This bill would add medical marijuana to the Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights, giving chronic pain suffers the ability to accept or reject all treatment modalities, including medical marijuana. To submit testimony in favor of this bill, please visit the Hawaii News Daily.

Thanks much for your advocacy.







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