Hawaii State Policy Alert

Sent: January 22, 2013
From: Robert Capecchi
Topic: State Marijuana Laws


Hawaii: Plethora of marijuana bills to be debated in Honolulu


When Colorado and Washington voted to end their states’ prohibitions on marijuana this past November, we knew marijuana policy would be hotly debated in legislatures across the country. Last week, bills to reform Hawaii’s medical marijuana program, to create a medical marijuana dispensary program, to remove the threat of jail for simple possession of marijuana, and to end marijuana prohibition in Hawaii were introduced, ensuring that the Hawaii Legislature will vigorously debate the Aloha State’s marijuana policies this session. Please visit MPP’s Hawaii legislation page for details on all pending bills. 

Then call your senator and call your representative to ask for their support for sensible marijuana policy reform!

It is important that lawmakers understand the need for safe access for medical marijuana patients. It’s vital that they are aware of the heavy-handed consequences of a simple marijuana arrest. It’s necessary for constituents to point out the utter failure of marijuana prohibition. Call your senator, call your representative, and then ask your friends to call their lawmakers!







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