Hawaii State Policy Alert

Sent: January 18, 2013
From: Robert Capecchi
Topic: Tax and Regulate


Hawaii: Bill to treat marijuana like alcohol introduced!


Ask your senator and representative to end marijuana prohibition today.

On January 17, 2013, Speaker of the House Joseph Souki (D) introduced legislation that – if passed – would end Hawaii’s prohibition on adult use and possession of marijuana! HB 150, the Personal Use of Marijuana Act, would allow persons 21 years of age or older to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana for personal use. The legislation would also set up a system of regulated cultivation sites, product manufacturing facilities, safety testing facilities, and retail stores. Counties would be allowed to register marijuana businesses if the state fails to do so.

It is clear that marijuana prohibition is failed policy. Use rates remain consistent, despite decades of enforcement of current policy. Fifty seven percent of Hawaiians polled support “legalized, taxed and regulated marijuana” over the current prohibition; ask your representative and senator to do the same!

Responsible adults should not be criminalized for using a substance that has been proven safer than alcohol. Regulating marijuana ensures purity and allows the state to create barriers to teen use. Ask your elected officials to support HB 150 today!








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