Arizona State Policy Alert

Sent: March 13, 2012
From: Matt Simon
Topic: Medical Marijuana


Tell Arizona senators to respect the will of voters


The Arizona House has voted to approve a terrible bill, HB 2349, which would ban all medical marijuana possession and use on college campuses. A vote could happen as soon as today in the Senate!

Please contact your senator and tell him or her to vote “NO” on HB 2349.

If this bill passes the Senate and is signed by Gov. Brewer, it would impose an unreasonable restriction on card-holding patients who are otherwise protected by Arizona’s medical marijuana law. The law already prohibits possession of medical marijuana at primary and secondary schools, but banning medical marijuana on college campuses is going too far!

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Amanda Reeve (R-Phoenix), ridiculously asserts that Arizona colleges could lose federal funding if her bill doesn’t pass. Federal funding has not been pulled from colleges in California, Colorado, or other states that allow medical marijuana, so there is no reason to believe that shielding Arizona is truly the motive behind the bill.

The Yuma Sun agreed, editorializing that the proposed ban was based on “hazy reasoning” and urging the legislature to reject Rep. Reeve’s bill.

Tell your senator: Young adults with serious illnesses shouldn’t have to choose between education and following a doctor’s recommendation.







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