Arizona State Policy Alert

Sent: December 16, 2011
Topic: Medical Marijuana


Ariz.: Gov. Brewer steps up her attack on voters’ law


On Wednesday, Gov. Jan Brewer announced that she will ask a federal judge to overturn a key provision of the state’s voter-enacted medical marijuana law — the portion requiring the state to issue registrations to approximately 125 dispensaries throughout Arizona.

Brewer’s new position comes on the heels of an announcement made by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton at a hearing last Monday regarding Brewer’s previously filed lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment on whether federal law overrides Arizona’s medical marijuana law. Bolton strongly criticized the suit and indicated she’s considering throwing it out, since the state had failed to choose a side.

It’s always been pretty clear which side Brewer is truly on, but Brewer asking a court to nullify a key part of state law takes her attack on voters’ prerogative to a new level. This is an unbelievable affront to the voters, a waste of taxpayer money, and a direct impediment to sick people’s access to medicine they desperately need, all coming from a governor obsessed with “standing up to the feds” on illegal immigration, but not for her own seriously ill citizens.

Please call Gov. Brewer today and ask her to stop challenging Arizona’s voter-enacted medical marijuana law. Seriously ill Arizonans can’t wait any longer.