Useful Marijuana-Related Studies and Reports

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Government Reports

(If any of these reports is unavailable, call the U.S. Government Printing Office at 202-512-1800.)

Government Printing Office

tel 202-512-1800 / fax 202-512-2250
Superintendent of Documents
P.O. Box 371954 / Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954
  • "SAMHSA News" (quarterly newsletter of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; annual subscription is $8.50)
  • NCJ-158900: "Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1995" ($6.00)
  • FBI Uniform Crime Reports: "Crime in the United States: 1994" (1995) ($25.00)
  • "Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics - 1994" (1995) ($41.00)

Drug Enforcement Administration

tel 202-307-7977 / fax 202-307-8939
Washington, D.C. 20537
DEA Demand Reduction Office - 202-307-7936
  • Write to the above address to be placed on the DEA Library and Information Center mailing list, a bimonthly list of new drug-related publications.
  • "DEA Briefing Book" (October 1996)
  • DEA-96024 "The NNICC Report 1995: The Supply of Illicit Drugs to the United States" (August 1996)
  • "Drugs of Abuse: 1996 Edition" (June 1996)
  • "Marijuana" brochure (1996)
  • National Narcotics Intelligence Consumers Committee: "The Supply of Illicit Drugs to the United States" (August 1995)
  • "Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization" (1995)

Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse

tel 800-666-3332 / fax 301-519-5212
P.O. Box 6000 / Rockville, MD 20849
  • "1998 National Drug Control Strategy" (February 1998)
  • Budget summary and other appendices of "1998 National Drug Control Strategy" (February 1998)
  • "Pulse Check: National Trends in Drug Abuse" (Summer 1997)
  • NCJ-164272 "Fact Sheet: Drug Use Trends" (April 1997)
  • NCJ-164261 "Pulse Check: National Trends in Drug Abuse" (1997)
  • NCJ-163915 "The National Drug Control Strategy, 1997" (February 1997)
  • NCJ-163927 "The National Drug Control Strategy, 1997: Budget Summary" (February 1997)
  • "Reducing Drug Use and its Consequences in America" (August 1996)
  • "The National Drug Control Strategy: 1996" (Spring 1996)
  • NCJ-160087: "The National Drug Control Strategy, 1996: Program, Resources, and Evaluation" (Spring 1996)
  • "Consult with America: A Look at How Americans View the Country's Drug Problem" (March 1996)
  • "Responding to Drug Use and Violence: Helping People, Families, and Communities; A Directory and Resource Guide of Public and Private-Sector Drug Control Grants" (January 1995)
  • "What America's Users Spend on Illegal Drugs, 1988-1993" (Spring 1995)

Federal Register

To order issues of the Federal Register (published daily), contact the U.S. Government Printing Office. To view on-line, visit or

  • 2/11/97 ' Drug czar's office responds to Proposition 200 and Proposition 215 victories in Arizona and California, respectively
  • 3/12/97 ' President's annual certification and de-certification of drug producing and transit countries
  • 6/30/97 ' FDA approves new home drug testing kit
  • 7/2/97 ' U.S. Department of Transportation announces grants to states to implement pre-driver's license drug testing programs
  • 9/4/97 ' HHS releases results of study on toxicology and cancer potential of THC on rats
  • 1/5/98 ' DEA denies application from Hemp Products Research Company to cultivate hemp

General Accounting Office

tel 202-512-6000 / fax 202-512-6061
P.O. Box 37050 / Washington, DC 20013
  • "Reports, Testimony, Correspondence, and Other Publications" (monthly catalog)
  • NSIAD-98-60 "Drug Control: U.S. Counternarcotics Efforts in Colombia Face Continuing Challenges" (February 1998)
  • GGD-98-28 "Drug Control: Planned Actions Should Clarify Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center's Impact" (February 1998)
  • T-NSIAD-98-103 "Drug Control: Counternarcotics Efforts in Colombia Face Continuing Challenges" (February 1998)
  • GGD-98-42 "Truth in Sentencing: Availability of Federal Grants Influenced Laws in Some States" (February 1998)
  • NSIAD-98-30 "Drug Control: Update on U.S. Interdiction Efforts in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific" (October 1997)
  • HEHS-98-3 "Safe and Drug-Free Schools: Balancing Accountability With State and Local Flexibility" (October 1997)
  • T-HEHS-98-40 "Parental Substance Abuse: Implications for Children, the Child Welfare System, and Foster Care Outcomes" (October 1997)
  • GGD-97-106 "Drug Courts: Overview of Growth, Characteristics, and Results" (July 1997)
  • T-NSIAD-97-202 "Drug Control: Delays in Obtaining State Department Records Relating to Colombia" (July 1997)
  • T-HEHS-97-166 "Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention: Multiple Youth Programs Raise Questions of Efficiency and Effectiveness" (June 1997)
  • T-NSIAD-97-192 "Drug Trafficking: Responsibilities for Developing Narcotics Detection Technologies" (June 1997)
  • HR-97-30 "High-Risk Program: Information on Selected High-Risk Areas" (May 1997)
  • T-HEHS-97-135 "Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Reauthorization Issues Facing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration" (May 1997)
  • T-GGD-97-97 "Drug Control: Reauthorization of the Office of National Drug Control Policy" (May 1997)
  • T-GGD-97-107 "U.S. Customs Service: Oversight Issues" (May 1997)
  • GGD-97-42 "Drug Control: Observations on Elements of the Federal Drug Control Strategy" (March 1997)
  • NSIAD-97-75 "Drug Control: Long-Standing Problems Hinder U.S. International Efforts" (February 1997)
  • GGD-96-189BR: "Customs Service: Drug Interdiction Efforts" (September 1996)
  • T-NSIAD-96-240: "Drug Control: U.S. Heroin Control Efforts in Southeast Asia" (September1996)
  • T-NSIAD-96-239: "Drug Control: Observations on Counternarcotics Activities in Mexico" (September1996)
  • HEHS-97-12: "Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Billions Spent Annually for Treatment and Prevention Activities" (October 1996)
  • GGD-97-15: "Federal and State Prisons: Inmate Populations, Costs, and Projection Models" (November 1996)
  • HEHS-97-6: "Substance Abuse Treatment: VA Programs Serve Psychologically and Economically Disadvantaged Veterans" (November 1996)
  • HRD-94-24: "Drug Use Among Youth: No Simple Answers to Guide Prevention"
  • T-NSIAD-94-14: "Drug Control: Expanded Military Surveillance Not Justified by Measurable Goals or Results"
  • NSIAD-94-233: "Drug Control: Interdiction Efforts in Central America Have Had Little Impact on the Flow of Drugs"
  • T-GGD-94-7: "Drug Control: Reauthorization of the Office of National Drug Control Policy"
  • T-GGD-94-49: "Drug Control: The Office of National Drug Control Policy ' Strategies Need Performance Measures"
  • T-NSIAD-94-251: "Drug Control: U.S. Counterdrug Activities in Central America"
  • T-PEMD-94-4: "Drug Use Measurement: Strengths, Limitations, and Recommendations for Improvement"
  • T-NSIAD-94-53: "The Drug War: Colombia Is Implementing Antidrug Efforts, but Impact Is Uncertain"
  • GGD-94-48: "Federal Prison Expansion: Overcrowding Reduced but Inmate Population Growth May Raise Issue Again"
  • NSIAD-94-34: "Illicit Narcotics: Recent Efforts to Control Chemical Diversion and Money Laundering"
  • GGD-94-143: "INS Drug Task Force Activities: Federal Agencies Supportive of INS Efforts"
  • T-GGD-94-178: "Restitution, Fines, and Forfeiture: Issues for Further Review and Oversight"
  • GGD-94-63BR: "Sentencing: Intermediate Sanctions in the Federal Criminal Justice System"
  • HEHS-94-89: "Foster Care: Parental Drug Abuse Has Alarming Impact on Young Children"
  • T-HEHS-94-101: "Social Security: Disability Benefits for Drug Addicts and Alcoholics Are Out of Control"
  • HEHS-94-128: "Social Security: Major Changes Needed for Disability Benefits for Addicts"
  • HEHS-94-130W: "Health, Education, Employment, Social Security, Welfare, and Veterans Reports"
  • HEHS-94-163W: "Health, Education, Employment, Social Security, Welfare, and Veterans Reports"
  • HRD-94-14W: "Health Reports"
  • HRD-94-62W: "Health Reports"
  • HR-95-7: "Asset Forfeiture Programs"
  • GGD-94-13: "Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Are They Being Imposed and Who Is Receiving Them?"
  • T-NSIAD-96-182: "Drug Control: Observations on Counternarcotics Efforts in Mexico" (June 1996)
  • NSIAD-96-163: "Drug Control: Counternarcotics Efforts in Mexico" (June 1996)
  • NSIAD-96-171: "Drug Control: Observations on U.S. Interdiction in the Caribbean" (May 1996)
  • NSIAD-96-119: "Drug Control: U.S. Interdiction Efforts in the Caribbean Decline" (April 1996)
  • NSIAD/RCED-96-76BR: "Terrorism and Drug Trafficking: Threats and Roles of Explosives and Narcotics Detection Technology" (1996)
  • GGD-96-17: "Use of Force: ATF Policy, Training and Review Process Are Comparable to DEA's and FBI's" (March 1996)
  • T-GGD-96-40: "Historical Perspective on Asset Forfeiture Issues" (March 1996)
  • T-NSIAD-95-194: "Drug War: Observations on U.S. International Drug Control Efforts" (August 1995)
  • T-NSIAD-95-182: "Drug War: Observations on the U.S. International Drug Control Strategy" (June 1995)
  • GGD-95-159BR: "Drug Courts: Information on a New Approach to Address Drug-Related Crime" (May 1995)

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

tel 800-729-6686 / fax 301-468-6433
P.O. Box 2345 / Rockville, MD 20847-2345
  • EN-8400 "NCADI Publications Catalog" (Winter 1997-1998)
  • "The Prevention Pipeline" (bimonthly magazine on substance abuse prevention, published by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention; annual subscription is $28.00)
  • BKD-236 "Uniform Facility Data Set (UFDS): Data for 1996 and 1980-1996" (December 1997)
  • 98-4140 "National Survey Results on Drug Use from The Monitoring the Future Study, 1975-1995" (December 1997)
  • 98-3175 "Year-End Preliminary Estimates from the 1996 Drug Abuse Warning Network" (November 1997)
  • 97-3162 "Substance Use Among Women in the United States" (September 1997)
  • BKD-83 "National Directory of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Prevention Programs, 1996" (August 1997)
  • BKD-237 "An Analysis of Worker Drug Use and Workplace Policies and Programs" (July 1997)
  • 97-3149 "Preliminary Results from the 1996 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse" (July 1997)
  • 97-3144 "Mid-Year Preliminary Estimates from the 1996 Drug Abuse Warning Network" (July 1997)
  • 97-3137 "National Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Population Estimates 1996" (July 1997)
  • "Drug Abuse Warning Network Annual Medical Examiner Data 1995" (July 1997)
  • 97-4112 "Drug Abuse Prevention Packet" (May 1997)
  • M-165 "NIDA Research Monograph 165: Beyond the Therapeutic Alliance: Keeping the Drug-Dependent Individual in Treatment" (May 1997)
  • BKD-224 "The Prevalence and Correlates of Treatment for Drug Problems" (April 1997)
  • M-167 "The Validity of Self-Reporting Drug Use: Improving the Accuracy of Survey Estimates" (April 1997)
  • 97-3127 "National Household Survey on Drug Abuse Main Findings 1995" (March 1997)
  • TF-027 "The National Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study (NTIES)" (1997)
  • PHD-691 "Healthy Women / Healthy Lifestyles: What You Need to Know About Alcohol and Illicit Drugs" (1997)
  • PHD-732 "Reality Check Community Kit" (1997)
  • PHD-734 "Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents" (1997)
  • RP-0921 "Drug Testing: What is Drug Testing?" (1997)
  • RP-0922 "Creating a Drug-Free Workplace Policy" (1997)
  • "Report Number 14-A: Annual Emergency Department Data, 1994; Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network" (October 1996)
  • BKD-208 "Substance Abuse in States and Metropolitan Areas: Model-Based Estimates from the 1991-1993 National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse Summary Report" (September 1996)
  • PHD-729 "Critical Elements in Developing Effective Jail-Based Drug Treatment Programming" (August 1996)
  • "Advance Report Number 16: Historical Estimates from the Drug Abuse Warning Network" (August 1996)
  • "Advance Report Number 17: Preliminary Estimates from the Drug Abuse Warning Network" (August 1996)
  • "Advance Report Number 18: Preliminary Estimates from the 1995 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse" (August 1996)
  • AR-015 "Advance Report Number 15: Mental Health Estimates from the 1994 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse" (July 1996)
  • BKD-206 "The Relationship Between Family Structure and Adolescent Substance Use" (July 1996)
  • "Keeping Youth Drug-Free" (July 1996)
  • BKD-211 "Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse" (June 1996)
  • BKD-198 "Drug Use Among U.S. Workers: Prevalence and Trends by Occupation and Industry Categories" (May 1996)
  • CAP-12 "Marijuana Update" (May 1996)
  • RP-0877 "Tips for Teens: About Marijuana" (and other drugs) (May 1996)
  • "Preliminary Estimates from the Drug Abuse Warning Network" - Advance Report Number 14 (May 1996)
  • BKD-194 "Trends in the Incidence of Drug Use in the United States, 1919-1992" (March 1996)
  • BKD-102 "Diagnostic Source Book on Drug Abuse Research and Treatment" (1996)
  • BKD-192 "National Pregnancy & Health Survey: Drug Use Among Women Delivering Livebirths: 1992" (1996)
  • BKD-195 "Statistical Series: Annual Emergency Department Data 1993, Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network, Series 1, Number 13-A" (1996)
  • BKD-199 "The Development and Implementation of a New Data Collection Instrument for the 1994 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse" (1996)
  • BKD-205 "Treatment Drug Courts: Integrating Substance Abuse Treatment with Legal Case Processing" (1996)
  • BKD-213 "National Survey Results on Drug Use from the Monitoring the Future Study, 1975-1995" (1996)
  • M-159 "NIDA Research Monograph 159: Individual Differences in Biobehavioral Etiology of Drug Abuse" (1996)
  • M-161 "NIDA Research Monograph 161: Molecular Approaches to Drug Abuse Research, Volume III" (1996)
  • M-162 "NIDA Research Monograph 162: Problems of Drug Dependence 1995: Proceedings of the 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Inc." (1996)
  • M-164 "NIDA Research Monograph 164: Behavioral Studies of Drug-Exposed Offspring: Methodological Issues in Human and Animal Research" (1996)
  • M-166 "NIDA Research Monograph 166: Treatment for Drug-Exposed Women and Their Children: Advances in Research Methodology" (1996)
  • PHD-666 "Approval and Monitoring of Narcotic Treatment Programs: A Guide on the Roles of Federal and State Agencies" (1996)
  • PHD-711 "Keeping Youth Drug-Free: A Guide for Parents, Grandparents, Elders, Mentors, and Other Caregivers" (1996)
  • PHD-728 "National Conference on Marijuana Use: Prevention, Treatment, and Research - Conference Highlights" (1996)
  • PHD-730 "CSAP Technical Report 12: Urine Specimen Collection Handbook for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs" (1996)
  • RP-0899 "Working Partners: Substance Abuse in the Workplace" (1996)
  • BKD-182 "Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse" (December 1995)
  • RP-0898 "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse: Challenges and Responses for Faith Leaders" (November 1995)
  • CAP-47 "Trends in Drug Use Among College Students 1980-1993" (January 1995)
  • BKD-181 "Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse: International Research on Standards and Technology" (1995)
  • PHD-712 "Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know" (1995)
  • 95-4037: "Marijuana: Facts for Teens" (1995)
  • 89-1649 "Prevention Plus II: Tools for Creating and Sustaining Drug-Free Communities" (1989)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

tel 800-851-3420 / fax 410-792-4358
P.O. Box 6000 / Rockville, MD 20849
  • "NCJRS Catalog" (bimonthly catalog)
  • Subscription to monthly "National Institute of Justice Journal"
  • Subscription to periodical "Juvenile Justice"
  • NCJ-164376 "Can We Make Prohibition Work Better? An Assessment of American Drug Policy" ($29.50 videotape)
  • NCJ-167234 "Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 1994" (January 1998)
  • NCJ-167247 "Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 1997" (January 1998)
  • NCJ-164267 "Characteristics of Adults on Probation, 1995" (December 1997)
  • NCJ-167251 "Capacity Building for Juvenile Substance Abuse Treatment" (December 1997)
  • NCJ-167578 "Juvenile Arrests 1996" (November 1997)
  • FS-000172 "Drugs, Alcohol, and Domestic Violence in Memphis" (October 1997)
  • NCJ-166607 "Rise of Hallucinogen Use" (October 1997)
  • NCJ-165369 " `Three Strikes and You're Out': A Review of State Legislation" (September 1997)
  • NCJ-166582 "Census of State and Federal Correctional Facilities, 1995" (August 1997)
  • NCJ-164385 "Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications Catalog, 1997" (August 1997)
  • NCJ-165149 "Felony Sentences in the United States, 1994" (July 1997)
  • NCJ-163917 "Correctional Populations in the United States, 1995" (June 1997)
  • NCJ-164619 "Prisoners in 1996" (June 1997)
  • NCJ-155281 "Case Management Reduces Drug Use and Criminality Among Drug-Involved Arrestees: An Experimental Study of an HIV Prevention Intervention" (March 1997)
  • NCJ-160092 "Lifetime Likelihood of Going to State or Federal Prison" (March 1997)
  • NCJ-161840 "Transferring Serious Juvenile Offenders to Adult Courts" (January 1997)
  • NCJ-161839 "Key Legislative Issues in Criminal Justice: Mandatory Sentencing" (January 1997)
  • NCJ-161838 "Intermediate Sanctions" (January 1997)
  • NCJ-163391 "Felony Sentences in State Courts, 1994" (January 1997)
  • NCJ-162843 "Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 1996" (January 1997)
  • NCJ-165361 "Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1996" (1997) $6.00
  • NCJ-161837 "Key Legislative Issues in Criminal Justice: The Impact of Sentencing Guidelines" (November 1996)
  • NCJ-163067 "Preventing Gang- and Drug-Related Witness Intimidation" (November 1996)
  • NCJ-160934: "Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 1984-94" (August 1996)
  • NCJ-159313: "Evaluation of Drug Treatment in Local Corrections" (July 1996)
  • NCJ-160937 "COMmunity-Backed Anti-Drug Tax: COMBAT in Jackson County, Missouri" (July 1996)
  • NCJ-161559: "Correctional Populations in the United States, 1994" (July 1996)
  • "A Corrections-Based Continuum of Effective Drug Abuse Treatment" (June 1996)
  • BC-000189: "Publications List - Spring 1996" (1996)
  • NCJ-153853: "National Assessment of Structured Sentencing" (February 1996)
  • NCJ-157639: "Correctional Boot Camps: A Tough Intermediate Sanction" (1996)
  • NCJ-160091: "Correctional Populations in the United States, 1994" (1996)
  • NCJ-157644: "Drug Use Forecasting: 1994 Annual Report on Adult and Juvenile Arrestees" (November 1995)
  • NCJ-154043: "Drugs and Crime Facts, 1994" (June 1995)
  • NCJ-157642: "The Effectiveness of Treatment for Drug Abusers Under Criminal Justice Supervision" (1995)
  • NCJ-161132: "Prison and Jail Inmates, 1995"
  • NCJ-147709 "State Drug Resources: 1994 National Directory" (September 1994)
  • NCJ-144531 "Special Drug Courts" (November 1993)
  • NCJ-139578 "Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System: Technical Appendix" (June 1993)
  • NCJ-140190 "Dedicated Funding for State and Local Anti-Drug Programs" ($10.50) (1993)
  • NCJ-142417 "Combating Workplace Drug Crimes: Guidelines for Business, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors" ($5.30) (1993)
  • NCJ-133652 "Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System" (December 1992)
  • NCJ-134370 "Asset Forfeiture Series 1-16" ($30.00) (1992)
  • NCJ-142414 "Integrating Drug Testing Into a Pretrial Services System" (June 1993)
  • NCJ-129292 "A Comparison of Urinalysis Technologies for Drug Testing in Criminal Justice" (June 1991)
  • NCJ-129199 "American Probation and Parole Association's Drug Testing Guidelines and Practices for Adult Probation and Parole Agencies" (July 1991)
  • NCJ-132940 "Drugs and AIDS: Reaching for Help" ($14.00 videotape) (1991)
  • NCJ-118317 "Estimating the Costs of Drug Testing for a Pretrial Services Program" (June 1989)
  • NCJ-115403 "Street-Level Drug Enforcement: Examining the Issues" ($13.00) (1988)
  • "Youth Violence, Guns, and Illicit Drug Markets"

National Institute on Drug Abuse

fax 301-294-5401 / R.O.W. Sciences
1700 Research Blvd. / Suite 400 / Rockville, MD 20850
  • "NIDA Notes" (bimonthly newsletter published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse)
  • Call 888-644-6432 to have a list of NIDA's news releases and other documents faxed or mailed to you.

Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction

tel 31-30-297-11-00 / fax 31-30-297-11-11
P.O. Box 725, 3500 AS Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • "Key Data: Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use & Gambling Among Pupils Aged 10 Years And Older" (January 1998)

United Nations

tel 800-253-9646 / fax 212-963-3489
2 United Nations Plaza / Room DC2-853 / Dept. C005
New York, NY 10017
  • "United Nations Publications Catalogue 1997-1998"

United Nations International Drug Control Programme

P.O. Box 500 / A-1400, Vienna / AUSTRIA
  • "Information Letter" (bimonthly newsletter)
  • Also ask for a list of free publications.

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U.S. Conference of Mayors

tel 202-293-7330 / fax 202-293-2352
1620 Eye Street, NW / Washington, D.C. 20006
  • "A National Action Plan to Control Drugs" (May 1997)

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Mr. Jack Edmundson / DOA/APHIS
301-734-4844 / 301-734-5992 (fax)
4700 River Road, Unit 149 / Riverdale, MD 20737
  • "Cannabis Eradication in the Contiguous United States and Hawaii: Draft Supplement to the Environmental Impact Statements" (April 1998)

U.S. Department of Education's Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program

Washington, D.C. 20202-6123
  • "How to Raise Drug-Free Kids" (March 1997)
  • "Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools: An Action Guide" (September 1996)

U.S. Department of State

  • "International Narcotics Control Strategy Report" (March 1996)

U.S. Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control

tel 202-224-9032 / fax 202-228-1900
U.S. Senate / Washington, D.C. 20510
  • Senate Hearing 104-485: "The Domestic Consequences of Drug Trafficking" (April 25, 1996)
  • "Setting the Course: A National Drug Strategy" (March 1996)

U.S. Sentencing Commission

tel 202-273-4590 / fax 202-273-4529
One Columbus Circle, NE / Suite 2-500, South Lobby
Washington, D.C. 20002
  • "A Guide to Publications & Resources" (April 1997)
  • "1996 Annual Report" (June 1997)
  • "1996 Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics" (June 1997)
  • "Just Punishment: Public Perceptions and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines" (February 1997)
  • 1995 Annual Report (April 1996)
  • 1994 Annual Report (Spring 1995)

District of Columbia Government Office of Grants Management and Development

  • "Crime and Justice Trends in the District of Columbia" (July 1996)




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