Every week, we at the Marijuana Policy Project confront extreme government abuses like the ones you'll read about below, as the war on marijuana users rages on. This war is littered with casualties — and even fatalities.

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    Bernard Noble

    In 2010, Bernard Noble was riding a bike in New Orleans, where he was visiting his father. Mr. Noble and his family had lived in the city until Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home in 2005. Police officers stopped him and frisked him, discovering three grams of marijuana, and he was arrested. Due to some prior drug possession offenses, he was sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison at hard labor with no possibility of probation or suspension of sentence.


    Robin Prosser

    Robin Prosser, of Missoula, Montana, used medical marijuana to treat an immunosuppressive disorder similar to lupus. Despite spending years in a successful fight to help establish a medical marijuana law in her state, federal authorities continued interfering with her access to medicine. On Oct. 18, 2007, after spending months in excruciating pain and unable to acquire the type and quality of medical marijuana she needed, Prosser took her own life.

  • Michael Saffioti

    Michael Saffioti

    Michael Saffioti was twenty-two years old when he turned himself in to Snohomish County, Washington. He had received a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession earlier that year, but missed the court date, so he voluntarily turned himself into the Police Department in July of 2012. According to his family, Saffioti used marijuana to cope with anxiety he suffered as a result of food allergies. His allergies were so severe that one small mistake could cause his death. While in jail, he suffered a serious reaction during a meal, but was ignored by guards. He was found dead an hour later.


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