War On Drug Czar
We want him out of the picture. We want him excommunicated from the federal government forever. — MPP's Rob Kampia in a worldwide Reuters article on December 5, 2002

Recent Developments

2011: Reps. Jared Polis (D-CO) and Ron Paul (R-TX) propose an amendment to de-fund the Drug Czar's office. MPP launches a campaign, including a Take Action page, in support of the amendment.

2009: The National Academy of Public Administration releases a report detailing the failures of the drug czar's office during the Bush administration. You can read the full report here.

2008: On October 16, MPP filed a Data Quality Act petition requesting that the drug czar's office correct information printed in the 2008 Marijuana Sourcebook — specifically, the claim that marijuana is the greatest cause of illegal drug abuse. Here also is the ONDCP's response rejecting our petition and MPP's rebuttal.

2008: Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) questions ONDCP Director John Walters on the office's ability to operate effectively during a congressional hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives.

2007: Congress admonishes the drug czar’s office for illegally using public money to campaign on behalf of political candidates.

2007: Extensive lobbying efforts result in a 40% reduction of funding to the drug czar’s Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (FY 2008).

The office of White House Drug Czar John Walters committed at least one crime a year from 2002 to 2006:

2006: Henry Waxman investigation in 2007 about drug czar's office campaigning for Republican congressional candidates in the fall of 2006

2005: Illinois lobbying reports

2004: Montana, Alaska, and Nevada campaign finance reports

2003: GAO investigates letters sent by the ONDCP that contained false information about marijuana and may have violated the government ban on using taxpayer funds for "publicity and propaganda."

2002: The federal Office of Special Counsel responds to MPP's Hatch Act complaint by telling Drug Czar John Walters that campaigning and bribery are all part of the job.

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