Portland, Maine Becomes First East Coast City to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults

PORTLAND, Maine —Portland, Maine is on its way to becoming the first city on the East Coast to make marijuana legal for adults. With 80% of precincts reporting, 70% of city voters have approved Question 1, which eliminates all legal penalties for possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana by adults 21 years of age and older within city limits.
Statement from David Boyer, Maine political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, which backed Question 1:
"Most Portlanders, like most Americans, are fed up with our nation's failed marijuana prohibition laws. We applaud Portland voters for adopting a smarter marijuana policy, and we look forward to working with city officials to ensure it is implemented.
"Law enforcement officials' time and resources would be better spent addressing serious crimes instead of punishing adults for using a less harmful substance than alcohol. The city has the ability to stop the arrests and prosecutions, and we hope they will do so immediately and respect the will of the voters.
"Now that marijuana is legal for adults in Maine's largest city, there is an even greater need for comprehensive reform at the state level. By regulating marijuana like alcohol, we could take sales out of the hands of drug cartels in the underground market and put them behind the counters of licensed, tax-paying businesses. It's time to move beyond prohibition and adopt a more sensible approach."





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