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03/03/14 | Marijuana and Workplace Safety: An examination of Urine Drug Tests

With a growing number of states decriminalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, employee drug testing has become an issue that is gaining more attention. Researchers compared the proportion of marijuana positive urine specimens for post-accident drug tests versus random samples of employees. They found no statistically significant difference between the numbers of laboratory positive marijuana urine drug tests for a group of random drug tests compared to a group of post-accident drug tests.

02/26/14 | Do medical marijuana centers behave like locally undesirable land uses? Implications for the geography of health and environmental justice

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are not considered to be locally undesired land uses and do not have any more impact on their neighborhoods than do coffee shops, according to new research. Researchers predicted that dispensaries would change the neighborhoods surrounding them for the worse, and even create more crime, but that just wasn’t the case for Paul Stretesky and his team at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs. “We argued a bit among ourselves and divided the data up every way we could think of to find evidence of inequality where we may have missed it ... It simply looks like these are not as undesirable as they are made out to be in the media and by law enforcement," Stretesky said.

02/26/14 | Can Cannabis be Considered a Substitute Medication for Alcohol?

Researchers examined whether substituting cannabis for alcohol may reduce drinking and related problems among alcohol-dependent individuals. They assessed whether cannabis satisfies the seven previously published criteria for substitute medications for alcohol (e.g. reducing alcohol related harms, safer in overdose than alcohol, etc.). While they found no clear pattern of outcomes related to cannabis substitution, all criteria for being a substitute medication for alcohol were either satisfied or partially satisfied by cannabis.

02/03/14 | A Combined Preclinical Therapy of Cannabinoids and Temozolomide against Glioma

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans, is highly resistant to current anticancer treatments. Scientists found that, coupled with existing treatment, the administration of THC and CBD exerts a strong anti-tumoral action. The effect was also observed in tumors previously resistant to treatment. The findings support that the combined administration of traditional GBM treatment and cannabinoids could be therapeutically exploited for the management of GBM.

01/08/14 | The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Crime

Researchers analyzed the effect of medical marijuana laws and drug liberalization on crimes in the U.S. As expected, they found that drug crimes decreased. Contrary to expectations, researchers found that the introduction of such laws in a given state or neighboring state decreases the count of assault and property crimes and has no effect on sexual crimes.



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New Hampshire Poll Shows Growing Support for Legalization

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Pew Poll Shows Increased Support for Making Marijuana Legal

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Statewide Poll Shows More Than 60% of Illinoisans Support Removing Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Possession

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Pew Poll Shows Increased Support for Making Marijuana Legal

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Poll: More Than Two-Thirds of Delaware Voters Support Removing Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Possession and Replacing Them With a Civil Fine






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