ONDCP and Drug Czar

Reports and Studies

11/05/09 | Marijuana Arrests in the United States - 2007

The most exhaustive collection of data ever on U.S. marijuana arrests, penalties and related information finds no relationship between marijuana arrest and use rates, while penalty structures act as a price support mechanism that boosts the illegal market.

08/14/09 | The War on Marijuana: The Transformation of the War on Drugs in the 1990s

Two analysts from The Sentencing Project analyzed data on drug arrest from 1990 to 2002. During this period, U.S. marijuana arrests skyrocketed, making minor marijuana offenses the main focus in the "war on drugs."

08/14/09 | The Vortex: The Concentrated Racial Impact of Drug Imprisonment and Characteristics of Punitive Counties

This report presents evidence that the United States' unmatched propensity for incarceration of its citizens for drug offenses suffers from significant racial disparity against African-Americans.

08/14/09 | Up In Smoke: ONDCP's Wasted Efforts in the War on Drugs

This report from Citizens Against Government Waste calls the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy "a federal wasteland, throwing taxpayer money toward numerous high-priced drug control programs that have failed to show results."

08/14/09 | Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) Highlights -- 2006

This report looks at the whole spectrum of drug treatment admissions, not just young people.



08/06/11 |
Obama Makes a Good First Step on Medical Marijuana -- Here's What He Should Do Next

08/06/11 |
Op-ed: Pot Wins in a Landslide: A Thundering Rejection of America's Longest War

08/06/11 |
Op-ed: The Drug Czar’s Report Card: F

08/06/11 |
Op-ed: Lunatic Drug Warriors Still Ignore Powerful Pot Science

08/06/11 |
Op-ed: New Drug Survey Demolishes Drug Czar's Claims



07/09/14 |
White House’s 2014 Drug Control Strategy Entails Staying the Course on the Failed Policy of Marijuana Prohibition

06/18/14 |
Colorado County Proposes Policies to Provide Water for Growing Marijuana

03/12/14 |
Drug Czar Discusses Unicorns (2 of 2)

03/12/14 |
Drug Czar Discusses Unicorns (1 of 2)

03/12/14 |
America's Bizarre Drug Czar (MPP-TV)





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