Increase in penalties / Re-criminalization

Reports and Studies

09/27/11 | King County Bar Association: International Trends in Drug Policy

The report found that “the continued arrest, prosecution and incarceration of persons violating the drug laws has failed to reduce the chronic societal problem of drug abuse and its attendant public and economic costs. Further, the Task Force found that toughening drug-related penalties has not resulted in enhanced public safety nor has it deterred drug-related crime nor reduced recidivism by removing drug offenders from the community.”



08/06/11 |
Police and the DA Should Try Listening To the Voters For a Change

08/06/11 |
Blood Test For Marijuana Unreliable For DUI Penalty

07/22/11 |
Obama's 100-Day Grade on Marijuana Policy: Incomplete

11/08/10 |
Attempts to Ban Fake Marijuana Are Further Proof of Prohibition's Failure

09/20/10 |
Right-Wing Think Tank's Marijuana Policy Paper Takes Absurdity to New Heights


06/25/14 |
House Committee Passes Regressive Measure Blocking Marijuana Decriminalization in Washington, D.C.

02/13/14 |
Hawaii Legislature Considering Three Marijuana Bills

02/06/14 |
Worst Legislators of 2013 on Marijuana Policy

02/06/14 |
Denver Considers Recriminalizing Marijuana

02/15/12 |
Massachusetts Supreme Court Undermines Voters, Overturns Lower Court Ruling on Intent to Distribute Charge





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