Enforcement and Policing

Reports and Studies



05/19/14 |
Opinion: Police can’t be excessive in searching for drugs

09/04/13 |
Marijuana Laws Done Right

08/06/11 |
Legalized Pot Is More Than a Tax Bonanza

08/06/11 |
The Marijuana Closet

08/06/11 |
Let This Be the Year for Medical Marijuana



07/30/14 |
New Report Shows Marijuana Arrests Increasing

07/28/14 |
Homeowners’ Associations Can Regulate Marijuana in Neighborhoods

07/09/14 |
White House’s 2014 Drug Control Strategy Entails Staying the Course on the Failed Policy of Marijuana Prohibition

06/23/14 |
Philadelphia Bill Seeks to End Arrests in Cases of Minor Marijuana Possession

05/28/14 |
Marijuana Policy Project PAC Endorses Republican Congressional Candidate Igor Birman In Hotly Contested California Primary Race






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