05/19/15 |
Alabama Lawmakers Considering Unscientific Marijuana DUID Bill

01/17/14 |
Drugs and Alcohol: Their Relative Crash Risk

10/21/13 |
Cannabinoids in Exhaled Breath following Controlled Administration of Smoked Cannabis

10/11/13 |
Developing Science-Based Per Se Limits for Driving under the Influence of Cannabis (DUIC)

10/11/13 |
Should Per Se Limits Be Imposed For Cannabis? Equating Cannabinoid Blood Concentrations with Actual Driver Impairment: Practical Limitations and Concerns

02/20/13 |
Has the intake of THC by cannabis users changed over the last decade? Evidence of increased exposure by analysis of blood THC concentrations in impaired drivers.

01/18/13 |
Per Se Drugged Driving Laws and Traffic Fatalities

07/13/12 |
Do 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Concentrations Indicate Recent Use in Chronic Cannabis Users?

08/06/11 |
Blood Test For Marijuana Unreliable For DUI Penalty

08/17/10 |
Who's Afraid of the Big Green Car?

01/12/10 |
State Assembly Committee Passes Bill to Tax and Regulate Marijuana in California

09/21/09 |
MPP of Nevada to Offer $10,000 Challenge: Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol -- Prove Us Wrong and We'll Pay $10,000

02/13/09 |
Snap, Crackle, Pot

02/09/09 |
Op-ed: Kellogg's Wimps Out Over Phelps' Bong Hit: What Century Are They Living in?






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